Modern Day Illnesses; IBS

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Reversing IBS E-Zine, Issue #001 — Modern Day Illness
March 09, 2008

In today’s modern society, its hard to believe that many different types of illnesses are appearing and doctors are unable to determine the cause, one of them being IBS. Health issues are more prevalent in this modern age due to over-use of antibiotics, over-processed foods, etc.

Over-use of antibiotics causes strains of bacteria to re-appear with stronger resistance.
Over-processed foods contain insufficient nutrients and vitamins compared to the original source products used. Even our mass steriod-produced source products lack the level of nutrients compared to decades ago when organic farming was utilized.

As new illnesses are springing-up, it requires time for medical researchers to determine the cause and to find a solution. However some ailments such as IBS are classified as a functional disorder of the intestinal organs rather than an infection. With this classification researchers have less momentum and funding as they believe it is a psychological problem instead of a bacterial imbalance within the intestines.

The common trend amongst IBS sufferers, is that their internal system is weak and very sensitive. The initial cause may have been an illness or the intake of antibiotics. The result is an imbalance of bacterial flora within the intestines. This means that the yeast has over-produced beyond normal amounts due to a decrease of beneficial bacteria. When beneficial flora are properly balanced it keeps the yeast in check. When the healthy balance of bacteria has been compromised, the yeast takes over and this situation is known as Candida. Many negative symptoms will begin to appear as a result of this yeast over-growth. Modern day doctors do not recognize Candida as a cause for health ailment and therefore effective treatment would require alternative medication and treatments instead.

The site is dedicated to provide information to help improve your health and to eliminate IBS from existing in your life. I have personally experienced Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 4 years and believe me, I know exactly how it feels and the difficulty in dealing with day-to-day life due to the severe symptoms that are present. I felt restricted from many activities and avoided many social events. I decided to be very proactive in finding solutions to reverse and heal all of my symptoms since living life under such debilitating circumstances was too much for me to handle; especially when i was told that IBS is a permanent condition. A condition that is labelled as ‘chronic’ and I chose to oppose this. In the end, I have proved that IBS is not a long-term condition and it can be fully reversed. I am living proof since I’ve been 100% IBS-free since 2006.

It takes time to re-strengthen and to heal your symptoms. Following my guidelines of IBS diet recipes and alternative treatments will lead you in the right direction to reverse your IBS condition. Most importantly, is the Diet Plan, which will help to clear Candida from your system. My golden rule requires you to have patience and persistance when following my guidelines. Any kind of ‘Cheating’ when following the Diet Plan will only feed the yeast and will reduce the effectiveness in bringing-down the yeast over-growth in your system.

I wish you all success in finding health and in healing IBS from your lifestyle.

Kelly Chow