Abdominal Burning IBS

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Abdominal Burning IBS – the stomach region may have a burning sensation due to the amount of acid produced

How it Works

The stomach regularly produces acid in preparation of digesting the food that you are about to ingest. The problem exists when too much acid is produced in comparison to the amount of food intake.

Many physicians will prescribe a medication that has proton pump inhibitors. It is used to treat stomach ulcers and GERD by cutting down the amount of acid produced by the stomach. Often the medication prescribed is called Nexium.

Abdominal Burning IBS

Tips Provided

It is important to have a qualified physician determine if your system is producing too much acid and not mistaken for too little acid. If you are taking mediciation to reduce your stomach acid, however you already have too little acid being produced, your digestion problems will immediately start to heighten.

I have had a doctor prescribed Nexium for me and I was actually producing too little acid but because I experienced nausea, the doctor assumed that it is because my stomach has too much acid production. The nausea was actually due to the weight loss I was experiencing at the time and not so much the acid production.

Having a solid history briefing with the doctor would really help to ensure that the doctor can make a solid educated evaluation on the best route to take.

Lessons Learned

Understand that when a person experiences abdominal burning it may or may not necessarily be attributed to the level of acidity. It can be the result of stomach or deodenum ulcers, whereby any level of acid can irritate the open lining and result in pains that you are experiencing.

Always have a series of test conducted before going forward with any pharmaceutical programs. This way you can be confident that the approach you are taking is the right choice towards eliminating the abdominal burning IBS instead of further aggravation to the body causing unrelated or more severe damage.

If a traditional doctor is hesitant on having you go through a series of tests, you can always seek a second opinion from another doctor to ensure that you are comfortable with the next step towards remedying your situation. It is always better to play it safe than be sorry later, especially if possible irreversible damage can be done due to improper diagnosis.

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