Abdominal Pain

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Having abdominal pain present due to IBS is not a pleasant experience, especially when it happens at the wrong time.

  • Prevent future onsets of pain by understanding and reversing what is causing it.

There are a number of reasons that would contribute to the pain in your abdominal region. It is important to take note of the reasons before attempting to reverse the problem.

Dealing with abdominal pain is not an easy task. When you have uncomfort in the abdomen, it can prevent you from going out to socialize or to even perform the simpliest of tasks such as grocery shopping.

The pain may be present in many places:

*Certain foods and stress may trigger abdominal muscle spasm which results in pain.*

Abdominal Pain

Anywhere in the intestines

The pain is usually felt within the small intestines. It may consist of sharp pains or slow nagging discomfort.

Please note however, if you have any of the following symptoms listed below, it may be a contributing factor to the pain that you are experiencing. Reverse these first before proceeding forward as they may be the source of the abdominal pain.

You may read more info regarding them here:

Constipation – hard, dry stools can cause irritation in the intestines
Diarrhea – quick, forceful rhythms by the intestines can cause tenderness and pain to the gut
Stomach Bloating and Gas – trapped gas within the intestines could cause discomfort and even sharp pains when exercising

The stomach

With IBS being present, the nerves in the abdominal region are much more sensitive and this includes the stomach. The aching may occur at any moment in time, such as early in the morning or some other time during the day. It may consist of pulsating pain or a feeling of continuous soreness.

The back

With back complaints, the usual focus is on the lower back. The cause can be related to diarrhea or other symptoms. With diarrhea, your body has lost essential minerals which causes your muscles to spasm, this results in pain. When lower back pain is present, it usually consists of continuous aching and a very uncomfortable feeling as though the muscles are locked.

Solution you ask?

If your reason for abdominal pain does not relate to any of the following: Constipation, Diarrhea, or Stomach Bloating & Gas

then I can help to pinpoint a solution to your aches.

This involves 3 different activities and a scheduled supplement:

1) Exercise


Frequent exercising helps to construct stronger muscles and helps to relieve mental build-up of stress. It helps the body to function more rhythmatically and helps to relax your muscles to prevent spasms.

It is important to start off lightly until your body is able to handle the level of exercise before beginning a more intense work-out session. If abdominal pain is present, ease up on the work-out, however still keep exercising consistently until you are able to perform the exercise without having to face the pain.

2) Diet Change

During this time, it is important to avoid the foods that create pain in your abdomen. Remember that this isnt a permanent diet change, it is only temporary until your abdomen strengthens up. Avoid the foods that trigger pain, for 1 month before re-introducing them back into your diet.

If your abdomen continues to experience problems handling those foods, keep away from them for another month and so on, until your body no longer has a reaction to the foods in question.

I’ve had this problem as well. However, I have been able to reverse the weakness of my gut to the point where I can ingest any of the previous foods that triggered pain, and I no longer experience any agony of pain.

Click here for the IBS Diet Plan.

3) Stress Management

Stress Management

Ensure that only minimal or no stress is present in your lifestyle. Try to keep severe stress to a minimum. If you happen to experience stress, make sure you spend the next 30 minutes calming your body to a very relaxed state. This helps your abdomen to level back down to a normal pace of function.

Its best to avoid all extremely stressful situations. Its better to encounter several mildly stressful events than one heavily stressful situation.

4) Digestive Enzymes – 2 to 3 capsules per meal, dependant on meal size

This additional supplement will ensure that your ingested food is broken down properly. This creates maximum nutrient absorption as well as an easier and lighter load for the intestines to carry.

With improperly broken down food in the intestines, it creates more work for the gut and induces gas/bloating. This would result in pain as trapped air creates pressure. At the same time, the intestines are highly sensitive already, so with a heavier workload, it begins to show signs of tenderness.

When going through the list of activities noted above to reverse the pain, it is important to keep in mind the golden rule of thumb and that is patience. It will take some time for the abdomen to heal, at the moment it is very sensitive and may respond to food triggers, stress, and even heavy exercise. Eventually these triggers will no longer be able to induce pain in your abdomen.

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