Acupuncture and IBS

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Acupuncture and IBS – Acupuncture has been known for many centuries. The illnesses that many people have in south asia are primarily treated with acupuncture and herbs. It is a treatment that is highly effective and yet so little about it is known in various parts of the world such as North America, Europe and Russia.

The experiences that I have had amongst many others who have either had or has IBS has been prodominently positive. For myself, I have experienced the relief from panic attacks. In fact in a matter of three treatments, I no longer had the anxiety attacks since. This means 3 years plus since it last happened. I use to have severe panic attacks during the day and at night prior to attempting to sleep.

Acupuncture and IBS

Other than that, it has helped me to build more energy throughout the day and also helps to prevent allergy symptoms including the common cold. I have felt that the health benefits are beyond what I can see and feel. The channels in your body that may have been blocked are now open due to the needle resynchronizing the pulses leading to far better blood flow within the body.

I have continued to see the same acupuncturist for the last 3 years as the health benefits are far beyond the reversal of IBS. Even perfectly healthy people can benefit from acupuncture.

Note that not all acupuncturist are made equal, some may have more experience and skills than the one next door. If you have no luck with one, do not hesitate to run next door to setup an appointment with them instead.

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