Adults with IBS

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Adults with IBS – most IBS sufferers were inflicted with IBS during adulthood and under the age of 35.

Statistical Facts

IBS can inflict anyone at any age. However it is most prominent in adults between the age of 22-35. Many seniors also have IBS and usually started at a much younger age.

In the United States of America, there exists 1 in 5 americans that have IBS. This condition is one of the most common conditions diagnosed. In the USA and Canada, the number 1 reason for patients to see their gastrointestinal specialist is because they have IBS and the symptoms have been often severe enough to prompt medical attention.

Adults with IBS

Of the statistics of IBS sufferers in the USA, about 80% of them are women. This number is based on the data gathered from the medical clinics however is not known to be accurate as many men do not seek medical attention even if they have IBS symptoms.

Exponentially Growing Figures

These numbers are horrifying understanding that many generations ago, IBS was no-where as prevalent as it is today. This places the blame on the diet that we have, the ever-growing chemicals used in our food products such as growth inducers and insecticides, as well as the heightened general use of antibiotics.

Concerning General Use of Antibiotics

When we have a bacterial infection, it is often that we see the doctor for an immediate hand-out of antibiotics. If left alone, the illness will last longer however it is possible that the immune system can fight off the the bacterial infection over time.

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