Alcohol IBS

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Alcohol IBS – many IBS sufferers still continue to drink alcohol despite their symptoms.

Intolerance Varies

An IBS sufferer’s tolerance to alcohol is individual dependant. Some can take alcohol into their system very well without IBS symptoms being heightened, whereas others would have a dramatic increase in their symptom severity.

This is due to the differences in food allergies from one to the other. Many IBS sufferers are either allergic to gluten products or just to wheat. As many alcohol types such as beer are made from wheat, it can cause devastating reactions in those with wheat allergies.

Alcohol IBS

How to Diagnose Intolerances

Find out the type of foods you are allergic to by have an alternative practitioner perform a blood test with you. It is as simple as a prick of the finger and spatting the blood on a tiny place of paper several times until the paper is spread evenly with a thin layer of blood.

If in the case that you are allergic to wheat, you can still have certain types of alcohol such as vodka that is made from potato products instead of wheat.

Other Cautions

The other problem with alcohol is that it can help the yeast count in your gut to grow. If you have candida, drinking alcohol would not be a bright idea as it would cause your symptoms to heighten.

When you flood your intestines with alcohol and you have a candida problem, the count of yeast in your gut would increase even further than it already has. The small intestines is where the possible undigested foods can reach, and when it does, the yeast can form an abundance of gas, resulting in pain and gurgling noises.

Alcohol is fermented and often those with an unbalanced bacteria environment in the gut, will notice significant discomfort when alcohol enters their digestive system.

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