Alternative Treatments

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Alternative Treatments for IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be managed and even reversed when you take action to strengthen your body and alleviate your gut from stress which may eventually free you from an irritable bowel.

There are a number of alternate treatments that can help to reverse your IBS condition. We have tried many and the ones that we have experienced will be shared with the audience here. No single-dose treatment can produce reversal results. If effective, it will take a number of treatments and recurring appointments with the practitioner.

In combination with these treatments, it is very helpful to review the diet section to understand the type of foods that will help to prevent distress to the gut while you are attempting to heal it.

These more natural approaches to assist in healing your gut is far less invasive than traditional means such as concentrated medications. The results achieved by these treatments are far more long lasting and in many cases provide permanent positive results.

Here are the list of tried treatments:

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