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Antispasmodics – a product used to provide IBS sufferers relief from intestinal spasms resulting in pain.

Use of Relaxants

Experiencing pain due to IBS is a very serious quality of life issue. To better manage the stomach pain, it is often that IBS patients would take an anti-spasmodic product to stop the pain.

These drugs help to relax the irregular intestinal contractions that is causing the pain. Most individuals find that pain is predominant after a meal and can remain for a number of hours thereafter.


Tips Provided

To determine the cause of the pain, it would be handy to keep a diary to record the types of food you are eating. You may then begin to narrow the foods to drill down on the types of food that guarantee a negative reaction from your body.

Avoid the foods that trigger your abdominal pain completely for one month. Try to reintroduce these foods back into your diet slowly to determine if the allergy has become more mild or non-existent.

Results Achieved

This has worked for myself since I use to have severe allergies to dairy products such as milk and cheese during the worst period of my IBS. After avoiding the diary products for 1 month, my symptoms were far less reactive. After the second food avoidance attempt for the 2nd month, I then was able to drink milk and eat cheese without having a negative response from my body.

When you avoid the foods that you are reactive to, your body begins to expel all the antigens that it has created as a result of its presence in your body. However, it does take a full month for these antigens to be excreted from your body, so that your body no longer has traces of these products in your body. Over time, your body desensitizes from these foods and the next introduction of these originally allergic foods, can become non-allergic.

It may take a number of attempts of avoiding the allergic foods for 1 full month at a time. It will be difficult to avoid the foods that you are allergic to, because often these are the foods that you crave most. However, as they say it “no pain no gain”.

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