April is IBS Awareness Month

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April is IBS Awareness Month – lets not live our lives of suffering with IBS in silence, lets unite and bring about awareness.

Lack of Voices

Many IBS sufferers and most commonly men and some women are hesitant to voice their concerns regarding IBS. If we are not heard, we are less likely to have programs and research funding to find a more effective treatment for IBS.

This disorder cannot be ignored in the lives of those with IBS however it can be lived in silence and not brought to the surface to encourage awareness and understanding of this condition.

April is IBS Awareness Month

Founding Organization

The International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) has designated April as the IBS Awareness Month.

This is a large effort and much kudos to the organization for bringing IBS to the forefront and let the public know that IBS should be as well funded as any other type of disease or cancer.

Although IBS is not known as a life-threatening condition, it can severely hamper the lifestyle of an individual to the point of depression and other emotional disorders. Living life in this state is just as concerning as cancer knowing that ill health is no way to live life.

Spread the Awareness

Lets all join hands and ensure that on April, we all tell at least one person about IBS and how it can disrupt the lives of the sufferers. Further research into more effective treatments are absolutely required. It is simply a need for effective treatments and not a want.

If everyone who has IBS can spread the news about IBS and its need to generate more research, our IBS community of knowledge will continue to grow. As the community of knowledge grows, there will be more and more confident IBS sufferers who find new solutions to reversing this life hampering syndrome.

Not everyone is comfortable talking freely about IBS, however it is important that you at least tell someone close to you. Not only will you feel like a heavy load has been lifted off of your shoulders from speaking freely about your deep embedded thoughts around your health, but also help others acknowledge the syndrome, symptoms, and need for solutions.

It will be a matter of time before we start to have more concrete information and solutions about this syndrome, however lets make this generation the one and not allow future generations to suffer with this ailment. Tell those who you are comfortable with, about this ailment and spread the word that April is IBS awareness month.

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