Asthma and IBS

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Asthma and IBS – having difficulty breathing is a serious problem however it may be reversed.

Understand the Cause

Having IBS means that your GI tract has been damaged through the means of an unhealthy diet, drugs or a significant event in your life. This causes the intestines to become inflamed and it creates microscopic holes.

When undigested matters enter into the bloodstream via these holes, the immune system begins to attack them by means of antibodies. This results in the production of histamine.

Asthma and IBS

Histamine causes many types of symptoms such as stomach pain but the more serious problems are like asthma. Anti-histamines can only provide a short period of relief as the body is still producing histamines when attacking the food matter in the blood stream.

Important Facts

Milk is also one of the largest contributing factors to the onset of asthma and other allergies. Eliminate milk from your diet if you find that you are beginning to have asthma-like symptoms or already have it.

Another important note is that eventhough yogurt has probiotics, it still contains dairy products and will cause symptoms similar to the ingestion of other diary products like cheese.

Some alternatives for these diary products is almond or soy milk. These products allow you to drink milk made by other products other than cow’s milk. Often those with asthma have no problems drinking these types of diary products. Specialty stores use to be the only stores carrying these products but now the large big box stores also often carry these products.

Environment conditions such as pollution can also affect your asthma and IBS. It is important that you focus on your body as a whole, trying to strengthen your gut, which will ultimately allow your body to be more resistant to suffering from allergies such as asthma.

Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about carrying your inhaler around anymore? Of course that would be great! Well, in order to do this, you must first focus on what you are placing into your gut in terms of diet. Focus on wholesome and fresh foods which poses no allergic reactions to your body. As your body strengthens, you can focus on other symptomatic areas through the use of wholistic remedies, which are light yet effective on your body.

Many people outgrow there asthma however, if you are late in getting this condition, I have also seen many who are free of asthma after refocusing their efforts on their health. Remember that it is never too old to start focusing on your health. The sooner you feel better, the more happier of a lifestyle you will soon have.

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