Avoid Food IBS

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Avoid Food IBS – certain types of food can produce IBS symptoms to become present, be sure to avoid these.

How to Discover Food Allergies

The primary foods that are likely to produce allergic reactions whether immediately or over a period of a few days, are diary products and possibly wheat or gluten type products. It is important that you keep a diary to keep track of the food products that causes your IBS symptoms to flare up.

Better yet, if you are able to locate an alternative practitioner in your area, they can perform allergy tests using the finger prick technique to extract some blood. This way they can send this off to a laboratory to perform different types of test and produce charts as to which products you are allergic to and your level of allergy to these products.

Avoid Food IBS

Tips Provided

Other types of foods to avoid are deep fried goods, legumes, any type of red, black, etc. beans that can cause alot of gas in your intestines. You want to allow your intestinal track to heal by alleviating your gut from as much stress as possible.

The type of food groups that are best for many IBS patients are vegetables (especially leafy greens) as well as fruits. You do however want to limit your intake of fruits and all other type of food groups in your diet (except for vegetables) to a moderate level.

To supplement your diet, it is also beneficial to take multivitamins, preferably in liquid form. This will ensure that your body is provided with sufficient vitamin levels to prevent your body from dipping into the backup resources or even worse, to suffer from lack of critical vitamins in your body.

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