Back Pain and IBS

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Back Pain and IBS – a symptom that is often present in individuals with IBS, learn how to prevent it here.

Causes of Pain

There are alot of reasons that can contribute to back pain in IBS patients. One of them is prolonged sitting in a fixed position or too much sleeping. Either or, it simply equates to your body not receiving enough exercise to keep those back muscles strong. Contrary to the belief that if you have back pain, you would find relief by relaxing it and sleeping more… wrong!

Tips Provided

You would need to try to perform some back muscle exercises at the gym, if possible. Yoga is also another solution if you don’t already do it, it would prove very useful. You need to start using that back muscle more often to ensure it is kept in functional shape.

Back Pain and IBS

Hidden Causes of Pain

The other reason for back pain in IBS sufferers, is their diet. It may seem odd that the diet can cause back pain but it does indeed. You should avoid all foods that causes your body to have a reaction. If you cannot eat diary products or baked goods, then avoid them. Your body produces antibodies to attack the food molecules that enter your blood stream via the holes in your intestines that are caused by the Leaky Gut Syndrome. As a result histamines are produced which are the reasons for many symptoms including back pain.

Final Tips

So as a review, the two most important items to follow is to regularly exercise the back muscles and to keep a strict diet to only food products that do not produce IBS symptoms to be present.

A way to find some quick relief to the back pain, would be to find a local massage clinic and have them work the knots and pressure points using the deep tissue technique. This will result in your muscles becoming relaxed. Note that massage is a quick temporary relief. Follow a habitual exercise program as well as a strict diet plan and you’ll be seeing long-term results.

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