Beat IBS

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Beat IBS – it is possible to beat Irritable Bowel Syndrome, however it does require some time and persistence.

Understanding IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is becoming a much more prominent condition in the Western hemisphere due to the common usage of frozen foods for our diet and the frequent use of antibiotics to kill the bacteria’s that are causing problems. Irregardless of where you are located, IBS can exist in any country or hemisphere.

Once a physician determines that you have IBS, it is very important as a first step to find out what food allergies you have developed. Let it be known that prior to your IBS, you may have zero allergies to any type of foods but with IBS, it is nearly close to 100% that patients have a form of allergy to specific food products.

Learn what your food allergies are and begin to completely avoid those food products for one full month at a minimum. The reasoning is to get rid of the antibodies in your body that are creating histamines in your system. The allergy foods are the source reason that antibodies are produced and the resulting histamines are the reason for your allergies.

Beat IBS

Important Tips Provided

The next step is for you to start supplementing probiotics into your gut. It is best to find a probiotic that is in powder form. Add this to your diet after every main meal during the day. This is to occur about two weeks into the one month of avoiding the allergy food products. Continue on probiotics for a good six months at the minimum. This is to replenish the good bacteria that is low in count within your gut.

During the whole process, it is important to take digestive enzymes to help break down the food that you are eating. The reason for this digestion supplement is to help minimize the amount of stress in your gut when it is attempting to break down the food you had eaten. This allows the digestive tract to focus on healing instead of digestion of food.

Try to sleep at on a regular schedule to allow for sufficient rest and try to add in some exercises during the day if at all possible provided your symptoms begin to dampen.

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