Birth Control and IBS

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Birth Control and IBS – is this magic pill the source of cure for your IBS symptoms?

Mixed Reviews

There has been many mixed reviews from IBS patients all over the world as to whether it is beneficial or harmful to take birth control pills when you have IBS. Birth control pills affects your hormones and this can really play with your IBS symptoms, whether it positive or negative is hard to say. It really boils down to each individual, as the results are not consistent.

It may be a good idea to have your hormone levels checked by contacting a Endocrinologist to find out your particular situation.

Birth Control and IBS

Many Enjoy the Benefits

Statistics show that a great number of IBS patients have found relief and remission (state of absence of disease activity known in patients known with a chronic illness) from their IBS symptoms. This can be attributed to the hormone changes that result from the birth control pills. However, if the contraceptives are stopped, the IBS symptoms are likely to return.

Some Regrets Unfortunately

On the other hand, some IBS patients have negative effects when taking the contraceptives. They find that the birth control pills severely escalate their IBS symptoms to a level that is too overwhelming. Their bloating may escalate to the point that any type of food may cause gasiness. Other symptoms that were previously present may even double or triple in intensity.

Due to the unknown reactions that can be caused by birth control and IBS, it is important to slowly phase into this medication to see what types of symptoms result. Take a lower dosage than that prescribed amount just to be sure that you do not experience any negative reactions.

Of course, during the trial period of the lower dosage, you should not engage in any activities as the medication may not work properly due to the limited concentration in your body. If you notice negative results, it can be a coincidence of IBS flare-up symptoms. That is why, it would be a good idea to try using this medication again at a later date to test the symptoms. If severe symptoms occur however, then you should avoid using this medication altogether.

If the focus is strictly for contraception, there are other alternatives that can be discussed with your doctor. These alternatives can be performed with either side of genders.

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