Bloating IBS

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Bloating IBS – a situation where the gas in your gut becomes very abundant resulting in a bloated feeling.

Review your Diet

When bloating occurs, it is often that the food you ingested has produced lots of gas in the intestines and the gas are trapped due to the over-produced volume of gas. There are a number of reasons why this occurs.

Further In-depth Look

First and foremost, it is most likely that the gas is produced as a result of a bacterial imbalance in your gut. When the beneficial bacteria in your body is too low, the yeast count starts to grow exponentially and take over. Yeast contact with food products often produces an abundant of gas.

Likewise, if your stomach is producing too little digestive juices, it is likely the food you ingested are not properly broken-down before it reaches your small intestines. When the partially broken down food products come in contact with the bacteria in your intestines, it produces lots of gas.

Bloating IBS

Foods to Avoid

The other reason is the ingestion of too many food products that produce gas. The major gas producers are beans, carrots, celery and cabbage. Try to avoid these food products if you are currently intaking a large amount of these in your diet.

Herbal Supplement Benefits

To help reverse your bloating, it is very beneficial to take digestive enzymes and probiotics. Digestive enzymes helps to break down the food that you ingest to prevent unbroken food from reaching your small intestines which would produce plenty of gas. Probiotics would help to rebalance the bacterial levels in your gut back to a normal state.

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