Bowel Problems

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Bowel Problems – The bowel issues may be a short term experience or it can be a chronic condition. The latter can actually be quite devastating but with a bit of know-how you can reverse the situation.

* It is usually a quick process for the body to reverse a temporary gut problem. However most of the sufferers concerned with their bowel problems, are usually inflicted with long-term symptoms. *

Bowel Problems

The Symptoms of the Bowel

When you consume foods that are not prepared or cared for properly, it can quickly lead to a disrupted bowel. The symptoms experienced, can range from vomiting to diarrhea including hot/cold flahses. Some long-term bowel conditions can actually consists of the same exact symptoms.

The largest difference between short and long term bowel issues, is that a chronic bowel problem can affect almost every aspect of a sufferer’s life. It can hamper their digestion and absorption of the valuable nutrients in the foods. Furthermore, it can even prevent a sufferer from leaving their house, in fear of preventing any unexpected bowel accidents.

Not Easy to Deal With

The problem with this bowel condition, is that it often involves the gut in its entirety, which runs from your esophagus to the rectum. The gut forms the basis of your immune system and when it is not fucntioning correctly, it will present a number of concerning symptoms.

Traditional doctors may lead you to think that a bowel problem is the result of stress and that it should not be a concern. Doctors are far more confident saying this when they diagnose you with a chronic condition called the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Falsified Information

Embrace your seats as this is largely very false. The IBS symptoms that you feel are a direct result of your body not functioning correctly. As mentioned, when your gut is having issues and presenting you with symptoms, you want to work on these issues as soon as possible.

Although doctors reassure those with IBS, that statistically, IBS does not lead to other forms of malignant conditions, this cannot be more false. Likely if you have chronic bowel problems, it is almost very likely that you also have food allergies.

Nutrient Loss

This means that the foods (allergens) can cause you a great deal of grief. However by avoiding these foods, you will lose out on the nutrients that they may provide. Research does indicate that although supplemental vitamins do help, it is not in the natural form in which the body is familiar with.

This can result in the body rejecting these vitamins and/or not digesting/absorbing it, in the way that it should. The flip side indicates that whole foods also do not contain the volume of nutrients that it once did. However, there needs to be fine balance between the two to ensure you are not missing the benefits of each.

Never Too Late to Start

The longer that the condition is left alone, the more time you will need to spend in the future to reverse this condition. These two are often directly connected and it makes sense to not let things slide until it is too late to be reversed.

When the body struggles for too long and your immune continues to deteriorate, you will soon start to see other symptoms appear in addition to what you are already experiencing. This has happened to many IBS sufferers but it is never too late to work on your health, no matter what stage you are at.

One of the leading reasons why those who work on their bowel problems, fail to succeed, is not just a direct result of the treatment plan executed, but the lack of patience. Many IBS sufferers immediately stop working on their symptoms after the next flare up of symptoms.

Symptoms will flare up even if your body is starting to reverse the damage. There may be times when your symptoms are not clear cut as to which direction it is heading, however know that it often takes months for a treatment plan to start showing its benefits.

Tips Provided

The first and most important change that one should focus on, is their diet. The saying “you are what you eat” is absolutely true and it is important to make a healthy diet a regular lifestyle. This means eating foods that your body is compatible with, until it is strong enough to take in those foods that your body rejects.

Try to keep your diet in line with a healthy exercise program. When your body is pushed to exercise, it begins to utilize your energy reserves and it is important to refill it with foods that are hearty, quickly recuperating your body with nutrients.

When you are working on your diet, stick to foods that your naturopath has indicated to consume. The reason being is because your body may react to foods that it has become “sensitive” with.

The best method to reveal foods that your body is not compatible with, is to have a blood test conducted that will help to indicate what types of foods are likely to react with your body.

These types of test are typically conducted at a Naturopath clinic and not a cental public health care system. There will be a cost involved but it may just be one of the most important investments that you partake in.

It is an investment that keeps you feeling healthy and prevents your body from getting worse. The test involves a prick of the finger and some blood lightly drawn onto a piece of thin cotton paper. It is not a painful experience by any means and your finger will heal rather quickly without much disruption.

Stay positive and work on one item at the time until you feel you are ready to work on another. Never try to work on too many symptoms at once as it can quickly cause confusion as to what types of treatments worked for which symptoms.

The bowel problem is an overall bodily malfunction and it is a serious issue that can affect your major senses, including your overall health. Begin now by changing your diet after conducting a food allergy test.

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