Bowel Symptom

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Bowel Symptom – When you start to feel the dreadful symptoms resulting from the insides of your body, you can quickly struggle as to what is going on from within. Without a visual of your insides, it makes it astronomically difficult to determine the cause, even with the use of modern technology.

* Today’s modern science can be quite impressive, especially when it comes to technology with entertainment. In the health sector however, many new types of equipment are available but nothing to the extent that can significantly improve our health care system for many known ailments. *

Bowel Symptom

Our Modern Day Failures

Look at our current technology available for diagnosing our health, and you will soon be able to deplete your resources. Sure, we do have a number of large and high-tech equipment available in the hospitals as well as our laboratory offices. However, how many of them are used for routine diagnosis versus those that are only used for fatal-related ailments that require immediate attention.

When the large equipments are reserved for only those who are in an emergency crisis and/or faced with a fatal ailment, it quickly starts to limit the span of patients who can gain access to the lastest technologies available for their health. Likewise, the cost of performing such procedures with these equipments are not often affordable by many patients, especially those who live in a private health care system.

With the bowel symptom related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), it makes it many more times difficult to determine the cause because even our latest technologies may not reveal the problems. With an IBS-related bowel symptom, our discoveries reveal that the symptoms are brought about, as a result of microbial changes within your gut. This means that xrays, CAT scan, MRI, EKG Machines, Ultrasound, etc. will not likely reveal any cause for your symptoms.

Even the simpliest tests such as blood work, urine exam, and fecal exams can reveal normal results with nothing out of the ordinary. All of the results from these exams, can bring your condifidence way up regarding your health condition. However, why are you still feel all of those dreadful symptoms on a daily basis? The hard fast answer is that you have some abnormality sitting within your body, resulting in bowel symptoms.

Think about your situation in more depth regarding why you are suffering from symptoms. If you were perfectly fine, your body will not likely present symptoms. However, when your body is struggling, it will present you with a number of symptoms to show you that something is wrong with your body. It is a clear sign that something within your body is not functioning the way it should, requiring you as the host to help your body out.

When you body presents you with bowel symptoms, it means that you should take action as quickly as possible to help with the situation. Although all traditional tests may show that you are perfectly fine, this is not an absolute test. Likewise, all modern day technology are yet to be sophiscated enough to reveal if a person suffering from bowel symptoms, actually has a problem within their body or not.

At the end of the day, the doctor can quickly walk away from the table, and it is you who is left to deal with your own daily bowel symptoms. It would be a wise idea to take your own action with the numerous amounts of tips that are revealed at ReversingIBS. We are genuinely here to provide you with the guidance that you need, where it is not easily accessible elsewhere. The strongest empowerment for an IBS sufferer, is the power of having the know-how to fix their health symptoms.

ReversingIBS will provide you with the know-how and the empowerment that you so demand from the health care system. The modern health care system out-rightly so, fails the IBS sufferers around the world and we are left to fend on our own to find solutions to help with our symptoms. As a past IBS sufferer, the founder of ReversingIBS has and will dedicate the rest of her life to help in the area of IBS for all IBS sufferers around the world.

It truly takes an IBS sufferer to know another IBS sufferer. We are the only ones that can truly understand the type and extent of symptoms that must be endured on a daily basis. Many solutions are available which does not involve modern day technologies but instead, makes use of ancient medicine and therapies that focuses on the root of the symptom. These are the most successful types of therapies for the ailments, which to this day, are still a mystery to the modern day doctors.

There are a growing number of ailments, as we continue to use more and more chemicals for the growth of our foods. Likewise, as we continue to pollute our air sources and contaminate our land, we will be experiencing more and more unknown health ailments with varying symptoms. Our society, largely, is growing far too fast and out of control for our own good. It takes the act of kindness from all the non-profit organizations, in the health arena, to keep us grounded and to aid with fund-raising for where we fail so severely.

All it Takes is One Person

When we view the society at large, and what we are doing to reduce our footprint, it can be quite a daunting task. Even the leaders of our world today, struggle to find the best solutions for our society as the bureaucracy over-shadows many of the activities behind hidden walls. The truth behind many of the acts taken in today’s society, if revealed in its wholeness, can be quite an embarrassment to all of mankind.

However, to help with our society, it truly takes one act of kindess from one person. As long as we take our strides forward to make the world a healthier place to live in, we can know we have helped our future generations to prevent more damage from our own acts.

The founder of ReversingIBS, Kelly Chow, has spent generous amounts of time to help with today’s society. She has helped to find solutions and to aid in the path of those seeking empowerment, in need of help with their bowel symptoms as a result of IBS. This one act of kindness has resulted in many, many, many IBS sufferers sharing their love and spirits back with Kelly to express their thankfulness in helping with this area of ailment.

It may sound difficult to do from just one person, but when you take small steps, a day at a time, it all adds up to heaps of help. Whether this help is for yourself or for others, we encourage you to reach out to another that is suffering from this condition, to aid them as well, during or once you have healed yours. Pass on the act of kindness and spread the love of health to your neighbour, friends, family, and yes, even strangers.

Bowel Symptom Solutions

Coming back to the bowel symptom that you may experience with IBS, there are a number of items/therapies that you can follow, to reverse your symptoms. Knowing that your gut runs the entire length of your core body, it does affect all parts of your organs. Your gut runs from your mouth, right down to your rectum and if stretched out in a straight line, it can span the length of 10 times your body height.

Your intestines is where all your food is digested and it forms the basis of your immune system. The foods’ nutrition is absorbed into the body through your intestines. All of your organs work together with your gut to ensure that you absorb the nutrition/vitamins from the food, and efficiently excrete the resulted waste.

You spleen helps to filter the blood within your body, your liver does filtering as well and delivers many necessary chemicals to your body. The gallbladder helps to digest any fats that you consume, with your heart ensuring that blood is continuously pumping blood within the body. Your lungs actually helps to excrete waste to the surface of your skin in addition to respiratory needs. Your kidneys helps to balance chemicals and excretes waste, with your bladder storing the urine until it is ready to be dispelled.

At the end of the day, with all of your organs performing a number of functions, they truly need to work in harmony with one another in order for your body to function optimally. When only one organ begans to fail, whether partially or completely, it brings all the other organs out of harmony. The ancient medication of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), largely focuses on this phenomenon and shows the resulting harm to the body when your body is ‘out of tune’.

With the body ‘out of tune,’ this means it needs to be ‘tuned up’. One way to ‘tune up’ your body is through the use of acupuncture. This type of therapy is part of TCM and it involves the use of needles that are placed into various parts of your body. The needle is only lightly pressed into the surface of your skin and only penetrates less than a few millimeters deep. There should be no pain experienced but a slight numbness in the area.

The idea of acupuncture is to ‘retune’ your internal organs to help them run together in harmony. The body runs under a continuous pulse and each organ has their own set of pulses. When the pulses are out of harmony between each other, they actually interfere with each other’s functioning frequencies. The needles, when placed in various pulse locations, helps to make these pulses function synchronously with each other. The immediate harmony does not take affect until a number of hours after the acupuncture treatment.

Those who are well versed and experienced with the treatment of acupuncture, know that during the day of treatment, they often feel a bit more fatigued than normal. Likewise, it is not reccommended that you do any strenous activities for the rest of that day for which acupuncture was performed.

It is best to do activities that involve minimal physical movements. Also allow your body to have a good night’s rest that day to allow your body to rest in harmony, ensuring that your pulses have the best opportunity to become ‘retuned’. Acupuncture has helped many IBS sufferers with their bowel symptoms. Some have revealed that they feel far less pain in their gut, that resulted from IBS. Others feel that their bloated stomach is reduced and they feel much better in general. Those who have constipation, feel that their intestines are more active and they become more regular.

There are many positive reports from those suffering from bowel symptom as a result of IBS. Acupuncture will not cause any harm to the body and the side affects of fatigue will only last for that day. The fatigue is not felt by everyone but for only some people and are minimal. As a result, acupuncture is recommended for those who are suffering from IBS bowel symptoms because the benefits that can be achieved, are substantial.

Tips Provided

The bowel symptom of IBS can be varied amongst all IBS sufferers. There are some commonalities through statistical research, however IBS sufferers are divided into three categories. Those who are suffering from constipation, others diarrhea, and the rest a combination of the two.

All of these IBS sufferers can benefit from the treatment of acupuncture. This TCM treatment has been used for centuries and it still exists to this modern day. Many of those who use acupuncture vary from muscle pain, to tension, to bowel symptoms, even to the common cold. Acupuncture also helps to open channels within the body that have been blocked.

When unblocking channels this helps to keep the ‘chi’ flowing within the body (TCM terminology) and it helps the body to be running as efficiently as possible. When the ‘chi’ is blocked, the body can start to accumulate toxins, resulting in a weaker immune system, due to blocked inner energy.

Many people who begin to feel the common cold coming, quickly see their acupuncturist because they can help to use acupuncture to unblock these channels, allowing the body to defend the cold much more effectively. By using your body’s potential, instead of taking over-the-counter medications, shows how you can best utilize the body for the way it was designed.

Likewise, the acupuncturist may use clear bowls that are placed on your body. These bowls are used in combination with heat to create a ‘cupping’ affect to your body. This ‘cupping’ is used to increase your blood flow, which essentially increases the level of ‘chi’ flow. Those parts of your body are left with a round blood mark after the ‘cupping’ treatment, similar to the look of a ‘hicky’.

When you seek the aid of a acupuncturist, make sure that you provide them with your history. The acupuncturist may ask to check the pulse on your wrist before beginning the treatment. This helps the practitioner to understand which areas of your body are experiencing problems, or abnormality.

Also, do not be shocked when the practitioner of TCM asks to see your tongue. The tongue is known to be the open book to your organs. It helps the practitioner to see the health of your organs and to make a diagnosis as to which areas of your body can receive an improvement. It only takes a second for the practitioner to view your tongue.

Finally, it is important that you have good synergies with your acupuncturist. If you feel that your acupuncturist is not understanding you very well or you believe they are not focusing on the areas that you are expecting help, you may also seek a different acupuncturist. However, always give your first acupuncturist the benefit of the doubt because they may be working on areas that must be focused on first, before your area concern.

Always try to keep a very open conversation with your practitioner to know what they are thinking, what it is that you want improvement on, what he/she thinks you can gain improvement on, what the practitioner is working on first, and what will be worked on during the successive treatments. It may take at least three months of continuous treatment, once a week, to see marked improvement for chronic illnesses such as bowel symptom.

Your bowel symptom is not something that began overnight so always be patient with the therapy and provide it with the time it deserves. Even after a few treatments of acupuncture, you should be able to notice a difference in your symptoms. The nervous system is closely connected with the function of your gut and acupuncture also works on this. So if you are having any nervousness, acupuncture will also help to calm your nervous system down.

Acupuncture is an all-around successful treatment for many ailments and known to help with bowel symptom. Its worth the try and it will only provide you with a series of benefits, there are no harm done to your body when performing this treatment. Listen to your bowel symptom and give your body the help that it requires ever so much right now!

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