Bowel Syndrome Symptoms

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Bowel Syndrome Symptoms – When your bowel symptoms flare up, it can be a very frustrating situation and/or embarrassing. This can result in you feeling a lack of control over your body, which can easily become a serious problem for you.

* Find out the many ways to reduce or completely stop your bowel symptoms from hindering your lifestyle. This will be an important step in aiding with your path to wellness. *

Bowel Syndrome Symptoms

Bowel Syndrome 101

Are you feeling under pressure when your bowel syndrome symptoms flare up? Well you are not alone and there are in fact millions of people around the world, who are sufferering from similar symptoms as you at this particular time. In canada, bowel and gut problems are the number one reason for visiting their general doctor.

The types of symptoms that can be experienced, can range from diarrhea, to constipation, headaches, dizziness, mental fog, stomach distention, gut noises, abdominal pain, passing lots of gas, indigestion, etc. These are very typical symptoms for those with this bowel syndrome.

It is not easy to deal with these symptoms on a daily basis. Contrary to what modern doctors say, it is indeed a serious ailment and it needs to be treated. Many modern day doctors are dismissing this condition as a stress related illness. This ailment will not go away even in the absence of stress.

Stress can aggravate your symptoms but it is not the root cause for your condition of bowel syndrome. The importance of not letting your symptoms subdue you, is an all-important aspect. Do not lose your sense of confidence because of how you feel now. How you feel now does not determine how you will feel for the remainder of your life. You have the power to change your symptoms for the better but it will require persistence on your part.

Many IBS sufferers have been able to recover themselves, to the point where their lifestyle is no longer disrupted by their bowel syndrome. These sufferers have had the guidance of the information available on this website ReversingIBS as well as their professional alternative practitioner and it goes a long ways.

Solutions for Stress

Let us tackle the first two items that can immediately be worked on without the aid of other practitioners or supplements. This will aid in your quest of relieving your bowel syndrome symptoms. These are quick methods used to work on your “core” self so that it may form a solid foundation in your health, opening it for more effective future treatments.

Technique One

The first method is to understand how to relax your body. It is well known that stress is a trigger for the bowel syndrome symptoms. That is why, it is all that much more important to learn a few techniques around handling these situations. Know that stress is inevitable and it will strike whether you expect it or not.

However, how you handle stress is one of the utmost important solutions to dissolving your bowel syndrome symptoms before it disturbs your body and creates symptom flare-ups. The most harming aspect of stress, is that people tend to hold onto it long after it has occurred.

Meaning that if a stressful event occurred from 1:00pm to 1:15pm today, that very person involved, can still be thinking about it from 1:15pm to 3:00 or 5:00pm or even the whole day, feeling even further stressed. Understand that when stress strikes, will will happen.

How you deal with stress is a completely different ball game. Know that as long as you quickly decide what to do, should an event like that happen again, you can safely subdue any stressful thoughts thereafter. Some stressful events warrant a solution to prevent it from happening again, but sometimes a solution does not exist.

These are the more difficult situations but know that you sometimes cannot find solutions for specific problems and you cannot control when situations like this happen again. In these situations, it is best to just drop it like a ball and forget it completely. Try to control your mind from thinking about it further, including any inner-need to find solutions. Just take it for what it is and leave it.

Technique Two

The second method also revolves around stress. When stress occurs, you notice that people handle them very different given two different people are subdued under the exact same event. The event may be considered as a very stressful situation to the general audience.

Why would two different people handle stress differently? Well, this is because different people “perceive” the situation differently. For example, if your boss says that you need to stay at work over the long weekend to complete a job, it can create stress and tension.

If you have events already planned on the long weekend or if you just do not want to work on the long weekend, it can create a problem. The most harming ways to deal with this is, is to perceive that your boss does not care about you and that you will have a hard time explaining to your friends why you cannot attend the original planned event, all-the-while feeling guilty.

This guilt and/or stress can carry with you all the way through the long weekend even when you are at work, working away. This can create a lot of burden on your body and your body reacts to stress by releasing dopamine and other chemicals within the body. This can create inflammation in your intestinal tract and flare up symptoms quickly.

The technique to preventing stress from placing a burden on your body, is to perceive the situation differently. If you want to know more as to why you need to stay back to work on the long weekend, simply attempt to ask your boss politely and suggest if you can add some time during the beginning of the week, next week, to work on it.

This way you will know more answers around the situation, rather than just assuming that your boss is just doing it without a legitimate reason. Likewise, if you know it is necessary to stay and there are no doubts that you will be working on the long weekend, just accept it for what it is. Feel comfortable that plans do change and sometimes they are outside of your control.

Follow through without feeling guilt but be apologetic to those involved in the long weekend event that you will not be available anymore, as your boss has indicated the need to work on the long weekend. Arrange for an alternative time for the event or simply leave it as it is but show sincerity for not being able to attend.

To sum up the technique on how to perceive a situation positively, you must be able to keep calm. Take a few deep breaths and let it out slowly. Accept the situation for what it is, as it may be outside of your control. Since stress is often a result of another person or group, give them the benefit of the doubt that they are not causing stress for you on purpose. This will also allow you to feel more content about the situation and feel less stress over it.

Summary of Techniques

To conclude with the two techniques, it is vital to learn how to drop the stressful thoughts after the stressful event has occurred, to help with your bowel syndrome symptoms. Clear up the situation quickly, diffuse the negative energy, and move on to something else less stressful. Stop thinking about the stressful event that has just happened, eventhough it may have been extremely stressful.

The other vital aspect of handling stress well, is to perceive stress in a positive manner and do not let it bottle you up inside of you. Take care of your body by giving the other person the benefit of the doubt and think the best out of each situation.

Both of these methods are best used together, to help create an environment in which stress no longer affects your health in ways it did before.

Tips Provided

To relieve and prevent your bowel syndrome symptoms, take a hold of how you respond to the situation. Even if stress do not exist and you are experiencing bowel syndrome symptoms, try not to have the worst of thoughts. Keep your thoughts at bay and think positive. Think of all the wonderful things that you had the honor of experiencing throughout your life.

Stress is an important part of how often your bowel syndrome symptoms flare up. Know that you may not have the authority to control the situation at all times but what you can control is you. This includes how you perceive and respond to the situation, as well as how you deal with it after the event has ended.

Learn more about yourself by taking the time to think about yourself and your abilities to deal with stress. Actively work on the two most important techniques indicated and you will soon be able to master them. No technique is 100% fool-proof but know that it is critical for you to deal with stress appropriately to prevent your bowel syndrome symptoms from flaring up.

Those with bowel syndrome symptoms know that no one out there can help you with your symptoms, even when it is the result of stress. However, you need to learn to take control, just like taking over control of the steering wheel, in order to help yourself to steer clear of these situations.

If you cannot steer away from stressful events immediately, at least do so when you have the ability to. Stressful events only last as long as you decide to make it. If you can master perceiving a situation that may perhaps be stressful to the general audience, but in your books it is not stressful, then you are well on your way to improving your health.

The power is within you and it is a matter of being able to master your own abilities. Everyone has the ability to utilize the provided stress removal techniques but it is simply a matter of you taking the effort to do so. The more you use the techniques, the easier it will soon become. Soon after, you will notice that your bowel syndrome symptoms do not occur as often or as severe as they use to!

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