Bowel Treatment

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Bowel Treatment – It is not easy to find treatments that will work for your IBS symptoms. Some techniques may work more effectively on some than for others. We have the most effective methods that works for the vast audience.

* Learn to place your health as a first priority because without your own health, you are not capable of taking care of others. Build up your health and energy, and you will then have the ability to fully dedicate yourself to others at that point. *

Bowel Treatment

Finding the Right Treatment

As the society progresses, there will be more and more bowel treatment programs readily available, claiming their benefits to help with your IBS symptoms. Not all bowel treatment programs will work effectively and some may even be false advertising.

Be sure to know what you are getting yourself into before passing over your hard earned cash over to them. Despite what the owner of the clinic may tell you, it is best to consult a knowledgeable third party medical practitioner as to what their thoughts are first.

Over the years, ReversingIBS has been able to follow through with a number of programs and can truly provide you with the results achieved as well as how others have found benefit from these programs. Try not to have misconceptions however, because not all programs may be effective for everyone.

When finding solutions, it is not an effective method to think ‘mind over matter’. Many IBS sufferers simply find temporary relief because they are able to manipulate their minds to think they are getting better. However this does not last very long nor is it effective by any means.

The Most Effective Programs

The programs that work best are those that are effective on the larger IBS audience. These programs will show a very high success rate with many IBS sufferers and not with just a handful of sufferers. This larger group with much success in the program may even experience completely diverse symptoms.

The programs to be identified, will benefit the majority of IBS sufferers because ReversingIBS has received much gratitude from IBS sufferers noticing positive alterations in their symptoms. When following the programs mentioned, we cannot guarantee success for yourself but at the very least, it has historically been shown to be highly beneficial to the larger IBS community.

The stats help to prove the program’s success rates and will more than likely provide some benefit to yourself when you begin to be treated with this program. Bowel treatment is generally not a quick and easy remedy, but there does exists a rare few programs that require a limited number of treatments with marked results.

Programs Identified

The list of programs that are known to help many IBS sufferers with their symptoms will be revealed here. However understand that although they have worked for a majority of IBS sufferers it may have the slight possibility of not working for yourself.

It is also recommended that before you execute these bowel treatment programs, that you seek the advice of a health professional who can either provide you with tips or to guide you through the process.

The type of programs are vastly varied and some can be performed on your own if you so desire. The list is identified below as follows and are by no means exhaustive:

Wholistic herbal remedies
Detox herbal remedies
Self-colonics and ACVColonics

The above list is prioritized from top to bottom, with the top treatment listed being the safest and the bottom treatment involving the most risk.


When performing acupuncture by a trained Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, ask many questions as to how much experience they possess, including how effective their treatments have been with those experiencing similar IBS symptoms.

Acupuncture can help to synchronize the rhythm of your pulse to help stabilize your nervous system preventing panic attacks, as well as help with your organs to function harmoniously.

When your organs work in a well coordinated manner, your intestines are more in sync with the body and it will less likely throw tandems when foods that are consumed are not compatible with your body. Likewise, you will feel better overall after the first day of treatment. During the day of treatment, your body’s system has been ‘reset’ and you may feel a bit tired which is completely normal to feel.

Wholistic Herbal Remedies

A Naturopath will likely be the resource to prescribe you with a wholistic remedy. Seek a Naturopath’s aid for your bowel treatment, if you so require. Likewise you can also purchase these products on your own if you know what you need to treat yourself.

These remedies may be in the form of a tincture or a pellet bottle. They are not very concentrated by nature but can be highly effective for your bowel treatment needs.

This form of remedy also does not have many side effects at all. It is known to be very effective and prevents the unnecessary side effects that are typical with over-the-counter medications.

The herbal remedies are often derived from plants and do not contain the concentrated ingredients formed in everyday medications. Likewise, wholistic remedies treat the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms.

Detox Herbal Remedies

This type of treatment can be prescribed by either a Naturopath or a Herbalist. There are many different products that you can purchase out there in the herbal market. It is much safer however, to be following the guidance of a professional practitioner. Seek for your nearest local Naturopath or herbal practitioner for readily available aid in your quest for detox herbal remedies.

Detoxing can be quite hard on the body because it is flushing the organ and ridding of anything that has accumulated from within. The types of toxins that can be accumulated in your organs are often marketed as heavy metals and environmental pollutants.

Try not to detox your body too often. It is not recommended to detox more than once per year at the very most. When you detox, it can cause your body to run more sluggishly because your body needs to recover from each detox that is performed.

Your colon can be cleaned out as a result of the detox but to what degree to prevent health damage, is a good question. The colon should be naturally capable to remove toxins from the body, but modern day detox is a way to aid in this process.

Self-colonics and ACV

There are self colonic equipments available in the market that allows you to perform your own colonic as a bowel treatment. This allows you to perform the colonic and it adds to the safety to prevent perforation of the bowel wall.

You know how much pressure you will be placing on your own intestinal walls and you can directly control this through your own actions. Likewise, you decide how much water is to enter into your colon and you decide when to push it back out.

It is a good idea to add about 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for every 2 cups of water that is added into the colonic water holder. ACV helps to rid of the unwanted bacteria in your colon and helps your natural beneficial flora to grow.

Be careful not to add too much ACV into the water as ACV is very strong and it can actually burn your intestinal walls if you make it too concentrated. If you are unsure, try taking some by mouth and if it is too much, dilute it with more water.

Be sure to use filtered water and not tap water. Depending on where you live, tap water can consist of other minerals such as floride. It is best to use pure water for this bowel treatment program in order to be on the safe side.

After you have released the water + ACV into your colon, with your bottom half of the body inverted upside-down, let it sit for 5 minutes in the colon. Lay on the ground, with your back to the floor, but roll to each side after a few minutes to ensure it reaches all sides of your intestinal wall.

Once you are ready to release the mixture, sit on the toliet and let it all out. At this point, you are now ready to replenish the intestinal areas with beneficial bacteria, where the unwanted bacteria has been eliminated.

Add a quarter teaspoon of probiotics to every two cups of water. Note to use probiotics that only contain L. Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. These are the types of bacteria that are naturally found in your small intestine and bowel.

Perform the exact same steps as you did before with ACV diluted with water. Once you have released the probiotics with water mixture, make sure that you allow your body to rest, because the colon is a major organ in your body and it needs rest after being subjected to a direct change in environment within the colon.

Again, seek the approval and guidance of a health care professional before you proceed. Also assess the risk to determine if you would like to proceed with this. ReversingIBS does not accept any responsibility for any risk involved by this procedure and it is done at your own risk.


There are many clinics available that perform bowel treatments by flushing the colon with clear water. Water is flushed directly into the colon and then it is removed in the same fashion but simply in reversed order.

This has been marketed to help with removing build up in the colon as well as to remove any overgrowth of bacteria. Some people have found marked improvement with this bowel treatment, meanwhile others feel about the same, with some feeling worse but only for a short period of time immediately after the colonic.

The colonic process takes about one to two hours depending on your practitioner. It can be quite uncomfortable and you want to ensure that the clinic that you go to, highly values sterile items/equipment as a priority.

The last thing you want to get, is an infection because the items they used on you has not been thoroughly cleaned by the last patient. This type of bowel treatment is considered quite risky as it does disrupt the natural flora in your colon and you need this flora in order to keep your body in working order.

Also, there is the possibility of perforating your bowel walls during the bowel treatment process. However, the risk is yours to consider and always be sure to check with a professional health care provider before proceeding with this treatment.

Tips Provided

There are other bowel treatments that are available but some may be a hoke and are not legitimate ways to relief you of your symptoms. Many of the treatments noted above have been successfully performed by many IBS sufferers with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Some have found large differences in their symptoms and others have only experienced slight differences. It is important that everything is done in moderation if it is to be performed. Never over-do any treatment program at any one time because your body can only change ever so slightly on a daily basis.

The human body is a delicate system and it is also a creation of brilliancy. The mind and body are so complex that it can register and regulate your bodily functions so effectively that you may not even notice it.

Many parts of your body are involved in digestion and in clearing toxins through your colon. The colon is the last stage in removing the toxins to the external environment. When the colon is compromised, it can affect the rest of your body, triggering a domino effect to the other organs.

No organ in the body works in a silo. The bodily organs work as a team to keep your foods digested and have the waste products removed. When your colon is facing difficulty, it is best to provide it with additional aid as soon as you possibly can. The aftermath of leaving your body to struggle, can cause further damage to your body.

Like anything else, the body has tolerances and after a treatment of antibiotics or a prolonged period of poor diet, it can start to work poorly. It can also work abnormally and it will require some aid on your part to get past this difficult time. This is exactly why the body is brilliant but it is also very delicate in nature.

Treat your body well by seeking the right type of bowel treatment, and it wil thank you back with many rewards. The rewards returned are often very gratifying as they will help you to feel great during the day and provide you with the energy you need to get through stressful times.

Do not let your body and bowel suffer any longer than it needs to. If you are experiencing bowel problems, your body is telling you that it needs your help with bowel treatments. Whether you help it out on your own or with the use of a professional health care provider, it is within your empowerment to do so. It is suggested that you take action now and stop your symptoms from taking over your life!

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