Causes IBS

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Causes IBS – there are many reasons why IBS becomes present in many individuals. We’ll explore these reasons here.

Taking a Closer Look

Reviewing all of the statistics provided from all over the world, here are the primary reasons for individuals to become inflicted with IBS.

#1 Cause

The first would be the intake of antibiotics into their system. The usage of antibiotics can severely disrupt the bacteria balance in your gut. The anitbiotics are not specific as to what bacteria it kills. It simply kills all types of bacteria, the good and the bad kinds.

The bacteria imbalance leads to the yeast count in your gut to begin to over-produce. This results in the Leaky Gut Syndrome and hence the beginning of food allergies and IBS.

#2 Cause

The second reason would be your diet intake. If you are eating food products that are high in refined sugars and mainly processed foods, then your body will start to show you the same favor in return. The high sugar levels are what the yeast in your gut feeds on and it can start to over-produce. Everyone has yeast in their gut but they are usually kept in check with the presence of the good bacteria.

Causes IBS

The body needs to be supplied with vitamins and nutrients, however processed foods often completely lack these critical components. Processed foods are placed through far too many processes and addition of by-products and chemicals to prolong the storage time.

#3 Cause

The third reason for IBS to become present, is the occurrence of a significant event in your life. It may be the loss of a loved one, a confrontational event with important members of your family or friends, an accident, etc. These events can lead to psychological changes in your head resulting in chemical imbalances of hormones. This can lead to IBS symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stronger contractions of your intestines, etc.

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