Causes of Diarrhea

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Causes of Diarrhea – When people suffer from sudden urgencies to defecate, it can quickly become problematic for these sufferers. They tend to stick around their homes with fear, not knowing when the next urgent accident is about to happen.

* One of the worst feelings is the unpredictability of not knowing when you will be having the next bowel movement. Even more so, when you are forced to have a violent bowel movement, where prompt attention is required, otherwise you will surely have an accident, resulting in extreme embarrassment. *

Causes of Diarrhea

I Do Not Know Is Not Good Enough!

It is not easy knowing that you are faced with an overwhelming amount of fear as to when you will be faced with a bowel movement accident. You become even more nervous over the situation and it creates a vicious circle that does not ever seem to end. Fear leads to more random diarrhea flare ups and sudden bouts of diarrhea leads to more fear.

Although this frustrating spell has been cast upon you, which never seems to be ending, there is much hope. The founder of has had uncontrollable diarrhea in her recent past life as well and she suffered from these episodes at the worst possible times, at school!

This diarrhea uncertainty, means that you must know where the closest washrooms are, at all times and in advance. You may also need confidence, knowing that the person driving you to your destination is able to bend backwards for you in a moments notice, to drive you to the washroom immediately. All of these safeguards are in place to ensure that you have quick access to the washroom, should you need to defecate right away and be able to do so safely.

The causes of diarrhea may not be as obvious as many would think. You may be thinking that you have contracted some sort of parasite in your body or that your body is recovering. The unfortunate news is that many people with chronic symptoms of diarrhea, who have been thoroughly checked out by doctors, walk out with negative results for their tests.

This means that the doctors are no longer capable of helping you as there are no reasons for you to be experiencing episodes of unexplained causes of diarrhea. So the next best guess from the doctors is to assume that your stress is what is causing you to have diarrhea flare-ups.

The explanation of stress being the reason for your unknown causes of diarrhea, quickly leads to absolutely no resolution for your problem. When someone is having unknown reasons for diarrhea, it needs to be reviewed further and a ‘I do not really know, it is likely stress’ is not good enough. We have many people in the world practicing medicine and it is not a reasonable answer to just shrug the shoulders and say, I cannot help you anymore.

A person inflicted with episodes of unexplained causes of diarrhea will likely have lost much of their social life because they begin to worry about embarrassing themselves in front of their friends or family members, etc. This means that they tend to isolate themselves because of their health ailment. This is no way to lead a life and it needs a resolution.

Taking the First Step to Understanding

When you do not know what it is that you are inflicted with, it becomes extremely difficult to know how to resolve your problem. However, for every resolution, it requires knowing what caused the problem in the first place. In the case of diarrhea, it involves knowing what is happening within your gut, resulting in the causes of diarrhea.

This means that you must dig deeper into understanding how your gut works and what you have done in the past to lead to this condition of unexplained diarrhea. This means that you can look into what you have consumed, such as foods, medications, etc. to have affected your intestinal environment.

Without putting you in a situation that may lead you to pull your hair out with historic investigative work, just have a quick flashback into what it is that you did in your past, resulting in the problems that you have today. Once you have done this exercise, we will now provide you with the logical reasons as to why you are having these flare-ups of diarrhea and to see if they match your reasons.

The ultimate reason behind the flare-ups, is because you have corrupted the sensitive and delicate bacterial environment in your gut, resulting in the causes of diarrhea. The gut needs to have sufficient beneficial bacteria in order for it to stay relatively healthy. This means that you must keep the beneficial bacteria happy by consuming wholesome foods that are rich in nutrition and vitamins.

Likewise you must not keep up a bad habit of refined foods for a prolonged period of time and likewise, you must not take antibiotics. All of these can lead to your body becoming a wasteland on the inside. This is because you have empowered the bad bacteria in your gut to proliferate, this includes the yeast too!

When the yeast proliferates, this is extremely bad news because the yeast would quickly mutate and begin to bore holes within your gut, leading to a leaky gut. This means that the foods that you eat, are first digested in your stomach and then the small food particles reaches your small intestines. The small food particles in your small intestines, is where having a leaky gut can become quite hazardous to your health.

When your small intestines have little holes bored into them, this means that the food particles can flow into your blood stream. When this happens, your body sees these particles as foreign invaders and begins to alert the immune system, resulting in all kinds of symptoms like unknown causes of diarrhea to flare-up.

This means that your current diet plays a large role in understanding the causes of diarrhea. It is not as simple as keeping your stress down as it will not reverse the bacteria environment in your gut. What can affect the bacteria environment in your gut, is what you consume on a daily basis.

Empower Yourself

Knowing that your gut environment is the reason for you to be experiencing the causes of diarrhea flare-ups, it is important to recreate an environment that is conducive to a positive health. You want to ensure that the bad bacteria is reduced to a significantly low level and you want to ensure that your yeast is no longer ruling your insides.

You want to be sure that you have enough beneficial bacteria in your body that it can control the bad bacteria that lives side-by-side with the good. You will always have some bad bacteria in your gut as well as some yeast. However, you want to ensure that the levels of these bacteria and yeast are at normal ranges.

The normal range levels, will allow you to feel healthy and it will eliminate your need to run to the washroom in fear of another accident. Know that the changes you implment, will not immediately heal the situation. It will test your patience and persistence as you start to consume healthy meals.

The first and most important change is to modify your diet. This change in itself can be the most challenging task that you are faced with. You must know what foods you can consume and which you are to stay away from. It is important that you seek the attention of an alternative health care provider to understand which foods you are allergic to.

This requires a blood test and often it is through a private institution that can run these tests in their lab and provide you with a large array of foods, which show your compatibility with them. Once you have this knowledge, you can then begin to tailor your diet to one that allows you to consume these foods without aggravating your body.

Your body will not alert the immune system when these compatible foods are consumed. Staying to compatible foods is important as your body begins to rest and heal. If you continue to eat foods that are incompatible with your body, causing an immune response, your body will focus its energy in preventing the invaders (food particles) instead of healing your gut.

Therefore, it is important to continue to consume foods that are compatible with you and continue to keep this up until you start to feel much better, without the bouts of diarrhea. This healthy and compatible diet should however, be a life-long change even if your diarrhea has been completely eliminated. Now that you know what the causes of diarrhea are, you are better able to focus your time and effort in this area, to make the necessary changes to your health.

Do not allow your body to take over your lifestyle. It simply takes a bit of knowledge and some efforts on your part to truly make the difference in your life. If you want the life that you once had, you must truly dedicate your efforts in preparing foods that you are not allergic to.

As time passes, and you stick to a diet that is allergy-free, you will start to feel much better and your diarrhea will begin to minimize. Understand however, that you want to also be consuming probiotics during the time of your diet modification.

You want to consume probiotics that are able to withstand the digestive acids that are produced in your stomach. If the probiotics are killed in your stomach, it does not help your body as it cannot reach the small intestines, where it is needed most.

The product of probiotics that many IBS sufferers have used to eliminate their causes of diarrhea and to heal their body with much success, is listed here.

Not often are IBS sufferers able to say that they can now live the lifestyle that they have always dreamed of. However, with continued growth of your knowledge, you can quickly start to heal your condition of IBS and achieve much success in reversing your symptoms permanently.

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