Chocolate IBS

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Chocolate IBS – a high sugar and diary content treat that many IBS sufferers love to eat and cannot resist.

Other Factors to Consider

Although chocolate is known to help out those with depression or stress, you may want to rethink that again the next time you decide to indulge in chocolate delights. Many IBS sufferers have developed food allergies as a result of this condition.

The primary type of food allergy that most IBS patients have, is diary allergies. Many people often have to run to the washroom immediately or shortly afterwards when indulging in any type of diary product such as cheese, milk, or in case of chocolates, the milk chocolate content in the product.

Chocolate IBS

Not only does the milk in the chocolate irritate your body by the histamines produced, the high sugar content in chocolates can also affect the yeast count in your gut. For those with Candida, it is very important to prohibit diary products such as milk chocolate from your diet completely.

Tips Provided

If you really love chocolate you can try to eat dark chocolate with as much cocoa content as possible. However my recommendation is that if you have allergy reactions to chocolate or dairy for this matter, avoid them all (dairy products) completely for at least a month before reintroducing them into your diet in small quantities. You may feel zero or a more mild reaction after each month of avoidance.

As you avoid the dairy products such as chocolate IBS, the antigens that were created as a result of consumption of chocolate, will subside. Over a period of a full month, the antigens will be excreted from your body. When your body no longer has these antigens, the next introduction of chocolate may just work okay for you, with little to no symptoms.

Remember that when you reintroduce chocolate into your body, after a full month of avoidance, you want to consume small amounts at first. This allows your body to adapt to chocolate in the body again instead of flooding it with a food item that you were once allergic to. Always ease into things that were once not compatible with you. The other tip to keep in mind, is ‘everything in moderation’, never gorge on specific foods.

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