Chronic Constipation IBS

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Chronic Constipation IBS – when the bowel movement occurrences have scaled down to a point that it becomes a problem.

Known Symptoms

Constipation is a problem that many IBS sufferers experience. It can result in some very severe pain in the abdominal region and bloating. Some sufferers experience alternating constipation and diarrhea.

Adding Fiber to the Diet

There are many beneficial changes that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle to help provide long lasting changes and relief to this problem. One of them is to increase your fiber content in the diet. It must include soluble and insoluble fiber in order to provide beneficial results.

Chronic Constipation IBS

Lifestyle Changes

Also attempt to work in an active lifestyle into your daily schedule. I understand that for some, it is absolutely impossible due to the pain experienced on a constant basis. In the situation where pain occurs too often, it is very useful to seek acupuncture treatment to relief the pain and to induce your intestinal tract to move more regularly to provide a healthy schedule of bowel movements.

Another important factor to work into your life, is stress management. Try to avoid all confrontational situations or anything that can cause stress to elevate. Stress can cause your intestines to contract harder than normal, resulting in pain. Know and understand that your mind is closely linked to your gut.

As you begin to learn how to manage your stress levels, increase exercises, and increase your fiber intake, you will start to notice changes in the frequency of your bowel movements. There may be times when the bowel movements start to feel as though it is reverting back to its original schedule, however keep persistent.

You want to keep at the new habits of doing all the things necessary to ensure your bowels stay active on a regular basis. Overtime, with enough persistence, your bowels can slowly start a new regular schedule and this can prevent future occurrences of having to deal with chronic constipation IBS again.

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