Coconut Oil for IBS

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Coconut Oil for IBS – the oil extracted from coconut proves to be a very useful product to comfort your IBS and bring about long lasting effects.

Multiple Benefits

Coconut has been used for many centuries to heal ailments. For IBS sufferers, the oil from coconut helps to kill the bad bacteria, virus and fungus. This means that those who have candida, will prove to be beneficial as it helps to attack the yeast and bring the beneficial bacteria back to normal levels.

It also helps to support a healthy thyroid which controls your nervous system. If you have panic attacks or nervousness consistently, this oil will help to provide benefits in relieving them.

Coconut Oil for IBS

It is a Healthy Type of Fat

The essential fatty acids are also present in this oil. Although it is an oil, it is a healthy saturated fat that helps to ease your digestive system problems. If you have IBS, there exists at least one benefit of taking this oil no matter how mild or severe your symptoms are. Even healthy individuals will find benefits from the oil extracted from coconut.

Best Selection to Use

It is recommended to select a 100% organic oil of coconut. The one selected below is extra virgin and the most nutritious oil from the Philippine Island of Quezon, cold pressed and hand selected.

Tips Provided

Other coconut oil for IBS that are quite useful, includes products such as young coconut kefir. Although its not oil, rather it is a form of fermented milk that uses young coconut as the primary ingredient. Young coconut kefir can help to rebalance the bacteria in your gut and thus improve your health. Coconut kefir is made up of many healthy bacteria and is often the most compatible type of milk for those suffering from IBS. Many IBS sufferers have trouble with regular types of yogurt and kefir from cow’s milk.

This alternative form of milk is quite helpful in combination with the coconut oil in tackling IBS, understanding that the best oil is cold pressed and hand selected as recommended above.

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