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Colonics – this procedure is used to pump water directly into your colon and the water is then extracted back into a machinery.

The experiences a colleague felt, has been neutral. Meaning that he felt the stool that was pulled out of his bowel by the use of the machine, could have been extracted by the end of the day by way of normal bowel movement. The feeling of water gushing into the bowel was unimpressive and felt foreign. The best description is like you need to perform a bowel movement.

The feeling after the procedure was no better than prior-to. Some patients would feel dizziness since the natural bacteria living in the colon have been flushed out. It can be dangerous to someone performing a colon hydrotherapy with their bowel since the negative bacteria can proliferate due to the lack of a bacterial balance presence in the bowel.

Other dangers include the possibility of penetrating the bowel and causing severe infections in the bowel. This can also be caused by inserting the tube into the rectum. Although many cities now have this procedure available, I would not recommend such a procedure as the facts and statistics supporting its benefits are futile.

Colonics IBS

The possibility of a yeast infection is also present due to the lack of beneficial bacteria in the colon once water has been flushed through the bowel several times. However as always, if you do decide to persue this, do it at your own caution while understanding these warnings.

There however may be some benefits if certain additions are placed into the rectum procedure. If this procedure was simply washing out the colon, then the purpose has failed. An examples is washing fish tank and removing all the bacteria that exists in the water. The fishes would quickly have a harm time living and eventually die in the water because of the lack of bacteria they require.

This is the same scenario for human beings and especially with our need for bacteria in the colon. If this rectum procedure were performed with the use of several agents such as Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) which is meant to remove candida overgrowth, then there is possibly much more benefits from this procedure. However, it is important that beneficial bacteria is pumped into the colon after the colonic has been completed. This means the use of probiotics and having this done at the end of the procedure.

Special attention must be paid during this procedure as you do not want to be flooding in and out too much liquid and with too much frequency. The less you perform this procedure, the better as it can quickly disrupt the natural flora in your colon. If there is benefit to perform a colonic once or twice, separated from a long period of no colonics, this may be proved useful, given the right agents are included in the water.

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