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Cramps – an ache often localized in the abdominal region for IBS sufferers.

The Severity Levels

Many IBS sufferers experience pain in the gut area as a result of IBS. It may last for hours for those with a more severe condition of IBS.

Others may experience a more mild form of abdominal cramps, which are limited to continual aching that can quickly drive an IBS sufferer crazy. It can come and go at random times which are not predictable.

Benefits of Acupuncture

The first recommendation that I would suggest is Acupuncture. I understand that some patients may have the fear of needles, however the results of this treatment are phenomenal. This treatment has been used during the ancient times in China and have started to proliferate to almost all countries now. If this treatment was not beneficial, it would not have lasted for centuries.


Many Successful Results

Many IBS patients have overcome their fears with needles and have found lasting results from acupuncture. It is not often known to IBS patients that acupuncture has highly successful statistics in relieving pain. Well let it be known now that it is very effective in almost all patients.

Find a Suitable Practitioner

Acupuncturists do vary from one to the another. If you do not find success with one, do not hesitate to move on to the next. It is important to ask the practitioner as to how much experience she/he has as well as where they received their training.

You want to make sure that you have the right chemistry with your acupuncturist, knowing that they understand clearly what you are focused on reversing. They must also make you feel comfortable because if it is your first time, you may have some nervousness and an experienced acupuncturist can quickly calm down your nerves by supporting your needs.

Ask the Right Questions

Some practitioners are more knowledgable in reversing certain symptoms whereas other acupuncturists may have other focuses. Be sure to ask when you are at their office/clinic.

Many of them will also have materials on the internet or at the office through pamphlets that describes their areas of focus. There are many acupuncturists who place abdominal pain, IBS, and other problems that match your areas of focus requiring help.

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