Depression IBS

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Depression IBS – studies show 60% of IBS sufferers experience depression or anxiety.

What is Depression

Depression does not lead to IBS and vice versa. Now it is often that people with IBS, have depression because of having to endure the dreadful symptoms of IBS, day-in and day-out on a consistent basis.

Stay Clear of Addictive Medications

Many IBS sufferers are prescribed with medications and often it is prescribed in concentrated doses in order to have an effect. These types of medications are often very addictive and many IBS patients have been locked into a cyclical habit of taking these medications every day.

Often these types of medications are anti-depressants that focus on uplifting your depression. However, with continual usage, its effectiveness loses its effect and even then, you become addicted to this medication.

If you are currently on this type of medication, you want to slowly whine down on the dosage and concentration. This will dampen the withdrawal affects of removing the medication from your system. Every week you want to decrease the dosage by a quarter or one-half of a tablet. If you still experience withdrawals then you must decrease the dosage/concentration even slower until you are completely off this medication.

Depression IBS

Tips Provided

I would encourage a more safer treatment to manage your depression. These alternative options can ease your depression without the reliance of medication.

You can see a psychologist to better understand your situation and learn stress management techniques. Regular exercises can help to lift away depression. Plenty of sleep at on a set schedule and a healthy diet often helps too.

Life is to be enjoyed so try to include an activity that you enjoy doing and do that everyday. Or include a new hobby that you can fit into your life. Things that can remove your mind from thinking negative.

When you have new hobbies/activities to keep your mind active on other items, you will be less focused on your negatively felt symptoms. Thus, if your depression is out of mind, it often dampens the affect of depression IBS.

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