Diabetes IBS

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Diabetes IBS – the truth of how diabetes is closely linked with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Diabetes and Types

Diabetes is a disease where the blood glucose levels spike because of the defects in insulin secretion. Type 1 is where there is a lack of insulin production and Type 2 is resistance to those effects.

Often times, if you have an IBS patient fill out a diabetes survey to determine what symptoms he/she has and a list of other questions such as the food cravings, the results can be frighteningly close to those who already have diabetes.

You want to ensure that you have the proper diagnosis from a professional physician. This way you know for sure whether you are already a diabetes patient or if you aren’t. However, physicians will not be able to determine the clear signs of a person who is nudging awfully close to being diabetes inflicted.

This is why you need to seek the aid of a very well qualified wholistic doctor who can identify whether you are getting close to becoming a diabetes IBS patient and if so, quickly help you to reverse the situation before it becomes permanent.

Diabetes IBS

Reality Check and Tips

I will tell you about my situation. During the height of my IBS symptoms, I saw an alternative practitioner and she made me fill out some surveys. I came to realize that I was leaning towards the possibility of having diabetes.

Of course that was a scary moment and a reality check, so I ensured that I followed all of her instructions to reverse my body from approaching that possibility of being diabetes ridden. I was placed on a strict diet that excluded all breads, cheese, etc.

I was also taking alot of digestive enzymes to help my body digest the foods that I was eating. My body slowly healed and became more stronger. Some of my symptoms also started to subside.

I would recommend that you seek an alternative practitioner in your area that is well educated in helping IBS patients. There are lots of resources found on this site to assist you with becoming more knowledgable.

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