Diet Bowel

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Diet Bowel – The strong connection between these two areas are quite fascinating. It is fascinating enough for you to read more, to understand what you can do with your diet to improve your overall health.

* Your health relies on what you consume on a daily basis. Many people think that their diet only plays a small role in the health of their bowels, but as you understand more, the information can be quite shocking *

Diet Bowel

The Vicious Circle Begins

It is quite fascinating given the research findings, regarding the health of your bowels and how diet plays one of the most largest roles in this area. Do not let the taste of certain foods deceive you, because how these foods taste and their level of health benefits, can be quite the opposite.

In fact, some of the best flavored foods available in the market are those that are unhealthy. They contain an abundance of refined sugars and lots of gluten products. The combination of these products can result in a vastly unhealthy bowel environment.

The types of flora that you want to encourage within your bowel, consists of lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidum. These are the types of bacteria that exist to keep your immune working optimally. However, there also exist many other types of bacteria and yeast within the gut.

Many of these additional bacteria can be non-beneficial, but they often exist in small populations in healthy individuals. The yeast is likewise, they exist in small colonies and live in every single human being. When these types of bacteria and yeast start to flourish in the body and take charge over the beneficial bacteria, this is when the problems occur.

The most deadly part of allowing these harmful bacteria and yeast to flourish, is that they encourage more of their own species. They cause your body to crave more yeast and more refined sugars. As an example, they manipulate your mind, making you highly tempted to consume any bakeries in sight and encourage you to have lots of it!

This allows all of the non-beneficial bacteria and yeast’s ‘brothers and sisters’ to grow and multiply even faster. A vicious cycle begins because you may not have the inner will-power to stop consuming the foods that your mind tells you to consume. After consuming these types of unhealthy foods, it helps to create some satisfaction for your mind but the body is becoming considerably less healthy by the day.

It can be quite amazing how these harmful bacteria and yeast can trigger your body to consume more of what helps them to flourish. However, with ‘mind over body’ and your ability to control the situation, you can slowly nurse your health back to a healthy state.

Mind over Body

When you begin to play mind control over what foods to eat, you are empowering yourself rather than the bacteria in your gut. This may sound like non-sense but the reality is, if you can control what you eat, you are already half way to exemplifying good health.

By discouraging yourself from eating foods with refined sugars and gluten products, you are bascially allowing the harmful bacteria and yeast to die. However, you may want to know beforehand, that when these harmful bacteria/yeast die-off, they will try to work even harder to encourage you to consume these unhealthy products.

The most concerning aspect is when a person suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), who is also trying his/her best to let their harmful bacteria/yeast die, will actually feel worse before they begin to feel better. This is one of the areas that can rise much concern.

Much of this concern revolves around the stage where a sufferer feels worse-off because of the bacteria/yeast die-off affect. During this elimination diet, these sufferers will start to think that eliminating these foods cause them more harm somehow, simply because of the die-off affect. So guess what it is that these sufferers begin doing? Yes you got it, they begin to gorge on all the foods that they have resisted from, for a good period of time. This is one of the worst things that they could have done to themselves.

What does this essentially end up doing to your body? Well it basically helps the harmful bacteria and yeast to get back their footing in your gut and they basically start to build forts and castles to kill more of your beneficial flora. These harmful bacteria/yeast start to reflourish again within your gut. Sure you will feel a sense of gratification with the gorging of unhealthy foods, but soon after, you will feel just as worse as you did before the elimination diet, or even worse than that.

Supplements to Aid the Process

Simply sticking to an elimination diet bowel regime, does not cut it. Sure the diet of keeping away from refined sugars, yeast, and gluten products will help with your bowel environment, but it still needs that little bit of help from its host. The host is basically you, with you helping your body by taking supplements to assist with the diet bowel environment.

What you really want to do, is consult with an alternative professional health practitioner and request for products that can help with the elimination of yeast and bacterial overgrowth. There are many anti-bacterial/yeast products and you can find a number of these helpful products in the Herbal Remedies section. This section only carries the highest quality products, designed to provide you with the most effective results against your IBS.

You will want to stick with a healthy diet regmine during your diet bowel process, and also take anti-bacterial/yeast products for at least two to three weeks or as directed on the bottle. Once you have taken this for a long enough period of time, which is designed to help you conquer the unhealthy flora, you can then look to re-establish healthy flora in the gut.

A product known to help with reflourishing beneficial bacteria in your gut, is also listed in the Herbal Remedies section. The listed product contains high quality ingredients, coated with a barrier, that can move past the acidity levels of your stomach and reach your small intestine. This area of the gut is where you need your probiotics to reach.

During the supplemental aid process, you want to ensure your diet bowel environment is ‘on top of its game’. This means, that you want to stick to an elimination diet, removing all refined sugars, gluten, and any yeast products. This helps to give your beneficial bacteria some leverage over the unwanted bacteria and yeast overgrowth, by starving them of the food they require.

A healthy diet bowel environment is necessary to ensure that your beneficial bacteria has the most helpful environment to work in, during its battle with the unwanted bacteria and yeast. During the battle, you will none-the-less feel quite ill until the battle has completed.

There may be a die-off of yeast occurring in your gut and you will surely feel quite odd when this occurs. After the battle, your body will attempt to detoxify all the dead bacteria and yeast out of your body at the same time. For this reason, you want to ensure that you hydrate very well during this period of time, allowing your body to flush out all the toxins created in your body, due to the die-off affect, during the prolific ‘good bacteria/bad bacteria/yeast’ battle.

At the end of this battle, you will have created a more much healthy diet bowel environment that is conducive to stay healthy. This will help to prevent future vicious circles of harmful bacteria and yeast to exist. Likewise, during the diet bowel regime of sticking to more healthier foods, you will surely feel much better than you did before the new diet and you will even start to enjoy these healthy foods on a regular basis.

Tips Provided

When starting your new diet bowel regmine, you want to include as many leafy greens into your diet, as possible. The darker the green and more leafier the product, the more healthy it is for your gut. You want to encourage these foods on a regular basis and with time, you will even enjoy it very much.

It is quite interesting to know, that if you are consistently eating unhealthy foods filled with refined sugars and gluten, you often have less resistance over these foods. The more you eat these unhealthy foods, the more you will want to consume these foods more often. Furthermore, you will also feel quite satisfied immediately after consuming these unhealthy foods.

However, your body will react in a completely opposite direction after eating these unhealthy foods. Your body will likely start to show signs that it is quite disgruntled over your action, resulting in flare-ups of your symptoms. On the other hand, in order to allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy healthy foods, you must first action on this.

Make deliberate efforts to include lots of vegetables in your diet. A healthy diet bowel environment revolves around the foods that you eat. The more often you consume healthy foods, the more you are contributing to a healthy diet bowel environment. The end result is good health and an abundant of lasting physical and mental energy.

The utlimate goal that you want to reach, is to create a cycle of healthy foods in your daily diet regimen. By making healthy foods a habit of your daily lifestyle, you have made a choice to turn your life around for the better. Find ways to make these healthy foods taste great without adding refined or artificial sugars. A flavoring product that has been around for many centuries and has been known to be the most healthiest of sugars around, is stevia.

Stevia is derived from a plant but yet, it is actually quite strong. It can help you to flavor your foods even when using this product in low quanitities. The tiny sprinkles of stevia can exponentially enhance the flavor of the product. When compared to any other sugars, you only need to use sparingly. Best of all, stevia is truly healthy for you and it can be purchased at many alternative food markets.

An interesting statistic to bring to your attention, is for those who consume an abundance of gluten products. These people are far more likely to create an unhealthy diet bowel environment. Gluten often sticks to the walls of the bowel and are of no help to the diet bowel environment.

People who consume gluten and lots of it, are almost 40% more susceptible to catching the common cold. This means that the immune of those who consume lots of gluten, are far weaker than those who do not consume gluten. Although there are many food products in the market that contain gluten, there are more and more products that do not use gluten, most of which are located in the alternative food markets.

The reason for the manufacturers to divert from using gluten in their products, is to satisfy the demand in the market. Many people are beginning to realize which foods are healthy for them and the trend is becoming far more apparent over the years.

Try to enhance your diet bowel environment by modifying your diet. This diet needs to remove products containing refined sugars, gluten, and yeast. This new diet will be highly conducive for a healthy diet bowel environment. This means that you will become sick far less often and feel generally better each day. This is a win-win situation, but first-off, you must learn how to cook tasty meals that are healthy for you, or alternatively you may have someone do this for you!

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