Diet with IBS

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Diet with IBS – The delicate procedure of placing a diet plan together can be quite daunting. This is because you may not know what it is that you are inflicted with in the first place. You must first have a clear picture of your health and where you are currently headed.

* The three areas of clarity that you require are, what it is that you are currently inflicted with, what it is that you are allergic to, and a quick effective diet plan to follow. All three of these will clearly be explained to help you gain more clarity about your situation. *

Diet with IBS

Fight the Uphill Battle

It is never an easy task to find out what it is that you have, when you have a condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If you currently have this condition and you are seeking help from traditional methods, you can quickly be guided in circles until you give up. Doctors will likely tell you to go in for a series of tests, which will give you confidence that something will be found.

As soon as you receive your results and all of them come back negative, it soon becomes a large relief. You may think, that is fantastic, I do not have any underlying problems with my body and that’s the best news that one person can receive. However, await for the bad news, which is, the medical Doctors do not know what it is that you have and how to remedy the situation.

That means that the symptoms you currently have, is not curable and they have no further solutions for you, other than to ask of you to relax. Well, guess what, relaxing and avoiding stress is not about to solve the underlying IBS condition but it can help provide some relief.

When you are asked to live with a condition where the symptoms are unbearable, it is a rediculous demand and it needs immediate attention. Do not give up on yourself when doctors have given up on helping you. Also, when you are told that your situation is not a serious condition and you will be fine, do not settle for that answer.

Everyday that you live, it is you who needs to suffer from this horrifying condition and not the doctors. When the doctors tell you that you are fine, it is clear that everything is not fine and you need a remedy. That remedy is to help you rectify the health ailment and to eliminate all the dreadful symptoms that you are feeling.

Do not lose condifidence in your health simply because the traditional doctors have given you no leads to follow. Although your IBS symptoms can be quite severe, is not a terminal illness. However, who would want to live everyday of their life having to deal with the horrid symptoms of IBS? There are ways to rectify your illness and not allow it to bother your lifestyle.

Although doctors tell you that this condition is nothing to worry about, that is quite the contrary. IBS can actually lead to many other symptoms and cause your health to further decline because your body is struggling terribly and losing an uphill battle everyday. The longer you allow IBS to linger, the worst off your health will be in the long-term.

The most terrible news is that the longer you allow IBS to linger, the longer it will take to remedy your condition back to health. Do not delay and instead, try to re-focus all of your efforts into making your health a priority. As you know, without health, there is not much to look forward to in life.

Diet with IBS

What you currently have as a result of IBS, is a very distraught intestinal environment. All of the good (beneficial) bacteria in your gut is struggling to keep up with the population of the bad (non-beneficial) bacteria. This means that your bad bacteria has taken over your intestinal environment and often leads to ill health. Yeast is also another factor that plays a large role in your health. When the yeast grows out of proportion beyond normal amounts, they are then considered a bad group of live organism because they grow roots. These roots drill into your intestinal lining, creating tiny holes which allows small food particles into your blood system.

When food particles enter your blood stream through your food consumption, your immune jumps into high alert and create antigens to fend off the food particles. This as a result, creates histamines which gives you most, if not all the symptoms that you are experiencing. Having a unbalanced intestinal environment can quickly led to new allergies to foods, eventhough you may have never had food allergies in your life before. It is important to get checked with a Naturopath to find out which foods you are allergic to.

A blood test at your Naturopath can be conducted which will list the specific foods that you are allergic to. The foods on that list from the blood test, is very comprehensive and contains most of the commonly consumed, everyday foods. This test cannot be conducted at your regular public health care practitioners and needs to be done at a private lab through your Naturopath.

Once you find out what foods you are allergic to, you can then quickly modify your diet as a result of the newly discovered food allergies. You can then focus your energy and efforts toward healing your body, by providing a period of rest for your immune system, by the lack of allergic food consumption. This prevents the allergic food particles from entering into your blood stream.

Even though a list of food allergies are provided to an IBS sufferer, they may not know exactly how to incorporate this into their diet with IBS. That is why has created a general diet plan to help those who are having troubles coming up with recipes. You can follow the same recipes but take out the ingredients that you are allergic to. A 2-week list of recipes are provided at the following location here.

If you would like to know which foods are commonly incompatible with IBS sufferers without conducting any food allergy blood exams at a Naturopath’s office, then you are to first follow the IBS Diet Plan. This plan aids IBS sufferers to know what diet with IBS works for most IBS sufferers. This list shows which foods to avoid and often times, those following this plan, find immediate relief to their symptoms because they are no longer introducing foods into their body that they are allergic to.

Tips Provided

For beginners, I would suggest IBS sufferers to first start off with the diet with IBS plan (IBS Diet Plan) because this list details the types of foods that are commonly causing IBS sufferers to experience the exact symptoms that they are currently being faced with. If you were to take all the medications available in the world that are designed to help with your IBS, you still would not be doing your body a favour by keeping your current diet.

As an analogy, it is similar to a situation where your body is suffering from the common flu and by not changing your diet with IBS, it is like not sleeping every night and staying up at all hours for everyday you are sick. Your body is not being supplied with the rest it needs to keep your immune system strong to defeat your flu. If you are not modifying your IBS diet and still consuming allergic foods that keeps your immune system over-burdened on a daily basis, you are thereby, not allowing your immune system the opportunity to heal your body.

Your immune system heals the body by the level of priority that it sees itself. If your body is constantly bombarded with allergic foods, it sees this area as high alert and keeps on sending antigens to fend off the small allgeric food particles that enter your body. Your immune therefore, does not have the time to heal your body but instead is constantly fighting to rid of the allergic food particles that enter your body through your everyday meals.

When you are able to modify your diet, your entire spectrum of IBS symptoms can quickly change, because your immune system is no longer focusing on attacking the foreign allergens but instead is focused on healing your body. When you keep up with the compatible foods, your body will heal by the day but understand that an occasional flare-up will still occur because it takes time for your body to heal.

Know that modifying your diet with IBS is only the first step, however it is also the most fundamental step. This step ensures that your body will be feeling good rather quickly, on a fundamental level. Once you have been able to keep up with this modified diet, you can then look at other remedies and treatments to further aid with your recovery process.

There is nothing more satisfying than feeling great and knowing that you are helping your body out on a daily basis. Although the new diet with IBS may not taste as satisfying as your old diet, your new diet with IBS will none-the-less be accustomed rather quickly and soon you will enjoy your new diet. Modifying your diet with IBS will not be easy but it is a critical step to placing your health in the right direction and to stop your health from becoming worse. Rather yet, your health with this new diet with IBS would head you in the right direction of recovery, allowing you to always remember that this is when your health first changed for the better.

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