Diets for IBS

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Diets for IBS – Knowing what diet to follow can be the key to returning your health back to where you would like it to be.

* Do not let your daily habits or other peoples lack of can-do attitude get in the way of your path to better health and more freedom to do the things you love to do *

Diets for IBS

Changing Formed Habits

When your daily diet has been ingrained into your daily ritual, it can be quite a difficult process to revert this and to change your whole diet plan around. However, with the necessary changes, it can be incredible, with the degree of reduction in symptoms and flare-ups of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that you will endure.

A change to your daily diet will none-the-less feel extremely foreign to you and you may feel like it is very strange to consume foods that you do not frequently purchase. However, with time, you will not only become deeply familiar with the foods that are compatible with your IBS but also become much happier with the new found freedom, free from symptom flare-ups and emotions that result.

On a surprising note, greater than 80% of those who begin a new diet regimen, to aid with their IBS condition, notice that they are by far liking their new diets for IBS rather than the old habitual diet.

For many, the old habitual diet was good in a way that it was tasteful and had all the ingredients to satisfy your deepest cravings. However, after consuming those foods, almost everyone of them felt either guilt and/or more severe cravings. This is especially the case for those with bakery cravings.

After one has modified their diets for IBS, not only will they lose those unwanted cravings but they will also enjoy all of the foods that they are consuming, once they have familiarized themselves to it. After consuming these compatible meals, they will feel great and guilt-free, with no cravings.

How wonderful would a diet be, knowing that it is also hearty for your body’s health. This is a win-win situation and most importantly, leads you down a path of setting a solid foundation to reverse your IBS symptoms.

The Beneficial Foods

When attempting to discover the exact foods that will be beneficial for your body and your IBS condition, it is important to first-off, individualize your diet. Not all IBS sufferers are created equal and for this reason alone, you need to ask yourself the very question.

What types of food is my body compatible with and which ones cause a reaction? There are many ways to answer this question and the one that is highly recommended, is a blood test at your naturopath. This food allergy test can help to determine the IgE and IgG that you may have. One is an immediate reaction and the other is a delayed reaction to the foods that you consume.

The test is very comprehensive and lists many of the foods that one would commonly consume, often divided into the four main food groups of diary, breads & cereals, fruits & vegetables, and meat & fish. Once you understand which specific foods your body is highly reactive to, you are to avoid these to help your body to heal.

One of the commonly asked questions is, why would I have allergies to foods because I have never had allergies to any foods before? Well, whether you have absolutely no allergies or a small list of allergies before your IBS condition, that is no longer relevant.

Once you are diagnosed with IBS, it is often the case that you are now suddenly allergic to many types of foods. You definitely need to know which foods you are allergic to, in order to allow your body to come to rest, to heal. We all commonly consume at least 3 primary meals a day, which are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If we are regularly consuming foods that our body is reacting to, guess what? Your body has absolutely no time to heal. It is like your daily life of going to your job and working 8 hours per day for 5 days a week. If suddenly, you are asked to work 24/7, would you start to burn out and become fatigued? Sure you would, and that is why you need to give your body a rest by avoiding allergic foods.

Even when you are at rest sleeping, your body is still working to remove toxins and to get you ready for the next day. If you are consuming foods that your body is reacting to, you are now overloading your body with work and it will consistently be working in over-drive.

Key Stepping Stones

Now you may ask, how and why is my body flaring up and feeling terrible? Well, know you have it, diets for IBS play a major role in your healing process and if you quite simply, ignore your diet, you will not succeed in healing your condition. The hard fast rule is that there is no miracle medicinal pill that will reverse your IBS.

The sad truth is that you must work on your diet and health, in order to heal your IBS. The first step you must take is modifying your diets for IBS. Once you have achieved this, it is a large milestone in your journey to successfully reversing many of your symptoms, because you have set the stage to further improve your health.

Even with a change in your diets for IBS, you will surely feel much better, less IBS symptom flare-ups, reduced severity of symptoms, more confidence in your health and in reversing IBS, more energy, even the ability to return back to normal activities for many of those who have changed their diets.

To sum up the situation, yes it will take much work on your part to help reverse your IBS but the the feeling of achieving this is priceless, once you realize that your efforts do make a large difference in how your feel. Your efforts can permanently change your IBS symptoms and can definitely eliminate them over time.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but you must know that for every step forward, you may occasionally feel like you have been pushed back half a step. This is the reality of your health and it will not be straight-forward, but with perseverence, you will reach the key stepping stones of IBS symptom elimination.

Many IBS sufferers who were faced with severe symptoms, have reduced them to mild symptoms by simply following the diets for IBS and other treatment plans. Each individual is different and some treatments may be more effective for others. The last home stretch to eliminate mild symptoms will continue to require effort but it is those who have severe symptoms, that have the most to gain out of the diets for IBS.

Tips Provided

In order to keep your confidence level high and your goals accomplishable. Set small goals at the beginning so that you do not become overwhelmed by the situation of reversing your IBS. First off, set daily goals such as modifying your diets for IBS to only foods that are compatible with your body.

Once you have been able to form a new diets for IBS regimen, then you can set the next goal of finding alternative recipes so that you are still consuming compatible foods but you have modified the ingredients so that you do not become bored of the foods that you make.

The next goal may be to set a monthly goal of seeking a treatment type that aids in the healing of your most daunting symptom. For example if you suffer from nervousness or panic attacks, seek an acupuncturist that is versed in reseting your pulses and synchronizing them so that your nervous system functions in a healthy manner.

Set up weekly or biweekly appointments with this practitioner for the next 3 months. From there you can set yearly goals and note the symptoms that are you currently experiencing and reflect back to the list a year from now to see which ones have been eliminated.

When you set goals, you are more likely to achieve them, especially at the very beginning when you are just starting out to take action upon your IBS condition. When you accomplish your goals, not only will you be proud but your body will thank you because you are helping not only your body but your confidence level.

With all IBS sufferers, know that the situation you are in, is reality. You must first be acceptive of the current situation but you do not have to be content with letting the symptoms stay. In fact, you want to be sure you are taking every effort to win the battle against IBS.

It will take time to work on alleviating and reversing these symptoms and there is nothing to panic about. Try to stay relaxed and think positive during this difficult time. Know that you are working the best that is humanly possible towards the success of your health and keep in mind that success only comes with failure.

Focus on your diets for IBS for those just beginning the path of reversing IBS. Once you achieve that, there are endless opportunities and options to further aid your body in eliminating those dreadful IBS symptoms. Keep your chin high and your pride higher, in reaching for an IBS-free lifestyle in the near future.

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