Diverticulitis vs IBS

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Diverticulitis – A digestive disease found in the large intestine and is not IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

This condition is known to be caused by the lack of fiber, especially non-soluble fiber. The type of fiber that is usually ingested to help clean the bowels of your colon.

When this condition exists, the abdominal region can present pain and tenderness. For more heavy symptoms, it may cause sharp pains and even nausea plus vomiting. The more typical symptoms would be cramping and constipation. Note that some people with this condition do not suffer from any symptoms or pain.

The most common tests performed to validate this condition is through computed tomography or CT scan. This type of testing is extremely accurate and can conclude the results as positive or negative. This test can also help to diagnose even more severe conditions of this disease.

Other testings such as barium enema and colonscopy can be performed.

The treatments can often include antibiotics. The least invasive method of treatment would be to reduce fiber in the diet until the colon can heal. Then the reverse is to follow, by adding sufficient fiber into the diet. There have been results that this type of fiber switch-off helps to reduce the presence of this condition.

This condition most often affects the older aged patients and seniors however it is not to exclude younger patients.

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