IBS Dizziness

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Do you experience dizziness at unexpected times? See how IBS contributes to this symptom and learn how to eliminate it!

Lightheadness is a symptom that produces a spinning sensation and the feeling of wanting to fall.

*I have also experienced a spinning sensation from time to time. I’ll explain why this happens and how to heal it.*


When experiencing dizziness, you would feel unsteadiness, inability to balance and a reeling sensation. This is anything but a fun experience, as it can also be very dangerous if you actually fell. Learn how to eliminate this now, but first you need to understand why this happens.

The feeling of unsteadiness is brought about when your body is weak; particularly when your intestines become very tender. The gut and mind are connected, therefore it is important to know that when you place too much load on your gut, it also affects your over-all health. This is the reason for the occasional lightheadness.

The gut plays a large stake in your health and well-being. It is the primary organ that absorbs the nutrients from the ingested food products. When you damage your gut, it can affect how you feel during the day.

How did I damage the gut?

There are many ways to do this:

Stress, over-eating, lack of rest, lack of fluids and a unhealthy diet

The key to reverse dizziness?

This includes avoiding the following:

Stress Management


This causes the intestines to function irregularly, so minimize the amount of stress in your life. Try to make it through each day with little or no stress. If a heavily stressful event occurs, take the next 30 minutes to relax to pace your body down.


When eating too much, your intestines begin to complain since it needs to move heavy loads of food. The absorption of food becomes difficult. Therefore, try to eat small servings at each meal. However, you may increase your meal frequency to include more meals per day if you’re really hungry. This eases the work needed by your intestines.

Lack of Rest


Try to incorporate at least 8 hours of sleep per day. This helps each and every one of your organs to recuperate before beginning the next day. Continuous lack of rest causes your organs to become weak over-time.


Lack of Fluids

Ensure you drink lots of liquid. Avoid coffee or any other liquids that contains caffeine. Caffeine blocks your intestines from fully absorbing the nutrients from your daily diet. Liquids help the intestines to move the food through more easily and prevents dry, hard stools that irritate the gut.

Unhealthy Diet

The constant ingestion of unhealthy foods, causes a lack of sufficient nutrients to the body. Long-term results can include many health problems. The gut doesnt handle these types of foods very well. Healthy FoodIt is best to eat a sufficient amount from each of the four food groups (meat & alternatives, fruit & vegetables, dairy products and grain products). Try to avoid deep-fried, over-baked, msg-added, etc. type of foods.

When you eat healthy foods, your body returns the favour by showing a boost in health such as increased stamina, less fatigue, etc. The gut will thank you for ingesting healthy food. Click here to see a recommended list of food recipes.

Intake of a liquid herb is also very useful:

Ginkgo Biloba – helps to increase circulation in the brain and overall blood flow. This would provide long-term benefits to prevent lightheadedness.

Always remember that patience and persistence is key when following the guidelines provided here.

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