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Dummy Dummy Fitness Health IBS – learn the basics of fitness health for IBS dummies.

Address the Concerns

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a condition that can affect a person’s lifestyle in many ways. It can cause you to be very worried and always having to stay in proximity to a washroom.

It is ideal that your symptoms are not severe when you are attempting to follow a fitness program. It is best to tackle your health symptoms first by reading the Known IBS Symptoms section.

Dummy Dummy Fitness Health IBS

Next, for the Uphill…

If however you are not experiencing severe IBS symptoms or have been able to decrease it to a point where you can manage them, now is the time to incorporate some fitness into your daily schedule.

First off, you want a workout routine that challenges your respiratory system. Use of a treadmill or preferably a elliptical for 10 minutes to begin with. From there you can tack on an additional 5 minutes after each week until you reach 30 minutes. 30 minutes is sufficient and there is no need to surpass this time limit.

Next it is good to work on your muscles and bones. Push-ups are great to begin with, then you can proceed to lifting light weights. There is no need to lift very heavy weights unless you prefer to build bulk to your muscles. A healthy fit body is your current goal and a light weight routine to focus on all of your body parts is sufficient. Speak to a personal trainer at a gym if you are not well-acquainted with weight-lifting.

Of course, you always want to follow the recommendation of a qualified physician. Ensure you speak to your doctor before beginning an exercise fitness program.

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