Enemas for IBS

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Enemas for IBS – an injection of fluid into the rectum to clear out the bowel.

Purpose of Enemas

Enemas have been used in varying degrees for different types of conditions and symptoms. IBS patients primarily go under this procedure to clean out their rectum in hopes of clearing their bloating, gassiness, constipation, etc. This procedure is believed to help clear out the unwanted toxic build up that is presumed to have accumulated over the years through food consumption and other means.

What are Enemas

This procedure of pumping fluid into your colon, requires a tube to be inserted into your rectum, typically while you are fully awake. Often times the fluid is simply water and it is pumped into your colon several times over. The fluid is pumped into the rectum, where it is held there for a while, then the water is extracted back out. The same process is done several times until the area is presumed clear of build up with a reduction in toxins and other unwanted bacteria. They say a healthy colon equals a healthy life. This is true if only the colon can be properly cleaned by enemas.

Enemas for IBS

Areas of Concern

The largest concern with enemas, is that the fluid injected into the colon can actually disrupt the bacterial balance that exists. Yeast can start to proliferate if the good bacteria count has been reduced and flushed out by the fluids.

Another concern is the possibility of puncturing the colon walls the performing the enema which can lead to infection and other immediate problems. My recommendation is to avoid enemas altogether unless you are confident with the procedure and the possible benefits. There are many other type of treatments and remedies available that can treat your symptoms.


With the latest research, there are exception cases, where there may exist possible benefits to enemas for IBS. This involves the addition of other herbal products with the fluid (filtered water), that is pumped into the rectum. One product in particular, that seems to help out some IBS sufferers, is the inclusion of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with the water. The amount should be minimal, about 1 tablespoon of ACV to 1 litre of water. After dosing the colon with this mixture of water and ACV, with the fluids extracted, the next step would be to replenish the colon with good bacteria. This means that the next mixture is probiotics with water, about one and a half teaspoon of probiotics to a litre of water. This mixture is pumped into the colon after the completed iteration of ACV mixture.

ACV acts to minimize the amount of yeast that may be present in an IBS sufferer’s colon and helps to balance out the pH level. Most IBS sufferers do have an abundance of yeast, beyond normal amounts, which attribute to their unwanted symptoms. Likewise, most IBS sufferer’s have a more acidic colonic environment, where the alkalinity of ACV would help to balance this. The enemas for IBS procedure, should be done with the consultation of a health professional to ensure that your health is monitored, to reduce the possibility of any complications that may arise unexpectedly.

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