IBS Facts Vs Myths

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Facts Vs Myths – here, we will reveal the truths about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and dismiss the myths that you may hear about.

How do you Discern Facts from Myths?

It is not an easy task to determine if there exists some truth behind the information that is written or spoken-of on the internet. This section will cover many of these topics and will clarify the truth behind such claims.

This requires an in-depth analysis and thorough research, performed by professional members of a medical team based on the results of many IBS patients.

Here are the list of IBS Facts Vs Myths:

Can the fluoride from your toothpaste, tap water, and/or tea, cause your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms?

No. Fluoride is an agent that helps to prevent cavities in the teeth. There has been many case studies proving that fluoride causes iodine deficiency leading to hypthyroidism however it cannot cause a person to be inflicted with IBS.

Can the mercury content within your teeth fillings cause IBS symptoms?

No. Mercury is known to be poisonous however the percentage of mercury components contained within the “silver” fillings is too minimal to cause any adverse health effects. Two controlled test groups were compared for mercury, one with “silver” fillings in their mouths and the other without. There were no increase in mercury concentration in the blood or urine from those who had “silver” fillings versus those without.

If I am sexually active and I frequently have orgasms, can this be a cause of my IBS symptoms?

No. When a person is sexually aroused, the abdominal muscles contract slightly. When a person hits climax and has an orgasm, the muscles in the gut contract tightly and may cause soreness which could exacerbate symptoms such as bloating, gas production, and even dizziness due to a slight inflammation of the muscle membranes. However, it is not the root cause of your IBS symptoms.

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