Fiber for IBS

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Fiber for IBS – an essential component to supplement your diet and assist with your IBS symptoms.

Soluble versus Non-soluble

Fiber has many benefits to your overall health as well as your IBS symptoms. The soluble fiber can help to produce bulk in your stools. So if you have diarrhea, it will help with this.

Additionally, the non-soluble fiber will help to clean your colon. So it is essential to eat both soluble and insoluble fiber. They sell packages of these two types of fibers mixed together at your local nutritional store.

Fiber for IBS, can be found in many types of foods but often they lack in the quantities and mixture of soluble/non-soluble fiber that your body requires. Most foods that are consumed nowadays on a daily basis, are simply highly refined flour products, such as the buns for burgers, hot dogs, bakeries and even bread from sandwiches. These flours are very processed and are often lacking in nutritional needs.

By conscientiously consuming fibers which are meant to supplement your body, you are far more able to manage your healthy lifestyle and prevent your body from failing you, when mother nature calls. It is important to have sufficient fiber amounts on a daily basis, especially if you are having problems with your bowel movements. This supplementation can make the difference necessary to provide you with the needed relief.

Fiber for IBS

Tips when Taking Fiber

If you have constipation, the fiber in your diet will help to make your stools soft so it can be easily passed. Add more fiber as needed dependent on how easy or difficult your bowel movements are.

When you are taking fiber, be sure to drink lots of water to keep the fiber contents hydrated as it travels through your intestines. There are many other nutritional health benefits to adding sufficient fiber supplement to your diet such as preventing colon cancer, hemorrhoids, obesity, etc.

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