Foods to Avoid with IBS

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Foods to Avoid with IBS – learn what not to eat as certain food products can flare up your IBS symptoms.

Do you have Food Allergies?

Using the statistics gathered from around the world, most IBS patients appear to be allergic to diary products. Even if they were able to eat diary products in the past, it is likely cheese and milk can cause IBS symptoms to flare up.

Keep in mind however that every individual is different in their food tolerance and allergies. It is important to track your daily diet and determine which foods are the cause of your IBS symptoms. It may very well be certain ingredients that make up that product such as wheat for example.

Foods to Avoid with IBS

Conducting the Tests

Understand that it might be the ingredients in a food product that causes your allergies. Finding this out yourself may be difficult. My recommendation would be to locate a qualified alternative practitioner to have a food allergy test. They will prick your finger to draw some blood and bring the blood to a lab for allergy tests with various food products/ingredients.

From there, you will then receive a chart that will indicate the foods/ingredients that you are allergic to, as well as the level of reaction to them. Cut these food ingredients out of your diet for 1 full month at a minimum before retesting those ingredients by adding them back into your diet gradually.

Tips Provided

The one month of ingredient elimination from your diet, is to allow the antibodies and histamines that exists in your system to be eliminated. Antibodies exists as a result of eating those ingredients that you are allergic to and histamines are produced as a result, which leads to your IBS symptoms.

Your body may or may not produce antibodies the next time you reintroduce those food products back into your diet after the one month of food allergy avoidance.

Follow the IBS Diet Plan. Again consult a qualified physician before starting any diet program.

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