Foot Detox Overview

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Foot Detox – a convenient method to remove the toxic materials such as heavy metals, yeast and other toxins from your body.

How Does it Work?

The detox foot bath focuses on removing the toxic materials from your body, channeling it through the pores in the feet. The pores in your feet are the largest pores within your body. When you place your feet into the water, the ionator module begins to send an energy charge through the water and into your feet. The cells in your body are energized by the ions and will begin to release the toxins through your feet which includes cellular debris, yeast, heavy metals and other wastes that have accumulated over your lifetime.

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What are the Benefits

Your immune system is under heavy suppression if it is working within a very toxic environment within your body. The foot detox helps to clean out your system by removing toxins and other wastes from your body, allowing your system to function optimally.

The benefits from a detox foot bath far exceeds the alleviation of those symptoms related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It can help to heal many other types of conditions and diseases as well.

Whether you have an illness or not, the detox foot bath proves to be a useful treatment to help eliminate waste and accumulated toxins from your body. In addition to these positive benefits, the ions released into your body, would also assist in rebalancing your body’s pH level, fostering a healthy system.

My Review

A close associate of mine has taken the plunge and took a 10-day foot detox treatment at the local health center. He has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and he wanted to experiment to see how effective the ionic foot bath was towards his IBS symptoms.

Here are a series of photos and videos showing the results from the 10-day treatment, which were performed 2 times per week over a course of 5 weeks.

Day 01: Photos Videos

Day 02: Photos Videos

Day 03: Photos Videos

Day 04: Photos Videos

Day 05: Photos Videos

Day 06: Photos Videos

Day 07: Photos Videos

Day 08: Photos Videos

Day 09: Photos Videos

Day 10: Photos Videos


The videos show a substantial decrease in the amount of particles and debris in the water over the 10-day treatment. He also indicated that the odour was substantially less after each treatment as well.

The most substantial differences he noted was an increase in his energy level, improved mental clarity, a sense of relief throughout his body, less irritable, a decrease in bloating and gas, elimination of diarrhea with mucous and a very restful sleep.

He mentioned that there were no side effects during and after the treatments. He sees no reason why anyone would not go in for a foot detox treatment or purchase their own similar detox equipment, as the results are lasting and there are no harmful effects inflicted to your body.

From the evidence and information that he provided, I would definitely recommend the foot detox treatment to fellow IBS sufferers.