Gain IBS Weight

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Gain IBS Weight – why do you gain weight with IBS?

Source for Cause

The theory of weight gain with IBS is largely unknown. However from the number of IBS sufferers that I know, it is pretty evident as to what the probable causes are. It is usually linked with your diet.

For those who have IBS, it is often that they have food cravings. The types of foods that IBS sufferers usually crave are baked goods & highly refined foods such as donuts, muffins, cookies, sandwiches, etc. The intake of these types of food has consequences if your metabolism is not very high.

Gain IBS Weight

Tips Provided

The consequence is that your weight will start to inflate. Once you have your cravings under control and your diet managed, you will then start to see a stable weight. To do this, review the diet and candida section to understand what the possible causes are for your cravings and what types of food to keep your body weight under control.

A healthy weight enables your body to perform more optimally and leads to an overall positive feeling about yourself. You can always seek the recommendation of a qualified physician in your area.

The reasoning as to why the food cravings occur, is because often the foods that you crave most, are the nutrients/minerals that you require the most. For example, if your body is lacking calcium, you may be very tempted to consume cheese, ice cream, bakeries; ingredients made from milk or other calcium sources.

There are opportunities to determine which of the nutrients/minerals you are missing and be able to supplement them with direct sources. This prevents the need to instead, consume a collection of ingredients such as bakeries, where you will likely have allergies to one of those ingredients.

As you supplement your body with sufficient nutrients/vitamins where you may be lacking (you need to know which ones and not just supplement them all), you will also start to minimize your cravings and prevent the problem of “gain IBS weight”.

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