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Genetics – Learn if there is a connection between Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the family genes.

Do you have Inferior Genes?

The big question is whether IBS occurs among members of a family by heredity. Kind of like an inherited disease by the code of genes. Well the answer is no, IBS does not run in families and if a member of the family does get inflicted with IBS, it does not pass on to others of the family or the next generation.

IBS cannot be passed through heredity. If you attain enough knowledge around why IBS exists, then you will be clear as to why this condition cannot be passed from one to another within the family.

Genetics IBS

The Answers are Clear

IBS is essentially a weakened digestive system. Whether it occurs as a result of antibiotics, a significant event, or through a bad lifestyle diet. All of which can harm the function of your intestines and its environment.

Doctors leading you to a Wall

This is not a condition where you have to suffer with the symptoms for life. You can reverse the symptoms to remission. I have had severe IBS for a period of time and saw doctor after doctor. I was told to live with my symptoms and manage stress.

Empower Yourself

I refused to continue suffering with my symtpoms and took action for my own health. I have learnt a breadth of knowledge about IBS since and even helped to form a community to help out others. I have succeeded in reversing my symptoms and have been in remission since 2006. I had IBS in 2002 and it lasted for about 4 years. So now it is up to you to help yourselves with the information that is provided here.

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