Good Enema for IBS

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Good Enema for IBS – what is available out there for Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers looking for enema.

What is Enema?

First of all, enema is a procedure where an injection of fluid is forced into the anus. It is meant to help clean out the colon from years of build-up. They usually have a slogan of ‘A healthy colon equals a healthy body’.

You are Lucky!

Well, you should be very happy that you have stumbled upon this article. What I am about to tell you may be controversial but it is indeed a fact. When you perform enema, it can alter the bacterial environment in your colon.

Good Enema for IBS

The Dangerous Consequences

Meaning that the beneficial bacteria can also be flushed out of the colon. The danger with this, is that candida can result. You do not want to worry about having a yeast infection in and around your anus.

Secondly, the procedure of inserting the tube into your rectum can cause damage. The tube can possibly cut or damage your intestines if not inserted carefully. A cut can result in an infection inside your colon. Understanding that your colon stores waste, that is the last place you want to have a cut.

The dangers have been brought to light here, so whether you decide to continue with enema is your decision. As always, consult a qualified physician before proceeding with enemas. There are many other options to clean out your colon such as adding fiber (soluble and non-soluble) to your diet. Other herbal remedies can also do the same function of helping to clean out your colon.

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