IBS Head Fog

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Do you have head fog at moment? See how IBS contributes to this symptom and learn how to eliminate it!

Mental fog is a symptom that prevents you from being able to concentrate clearly. It feels like you’re still in a dream but everything is actually happening in real-time.

*I have had mental fog for a while, however it is a fairly easy symptom to reverse compared to other IBS symptoms. I will help guide you to reverse this symptom here. *

Head Mental Fog

When experiencing mental fog, you feel as though you aren’t thinking as clearly as you should. Activities that are happening around you may just seem so surreal. Place an end to this now by understanding how this symptom came about.

Mental fog occurs when the bacteria in your body becomes imbalanced. This may be the result of intaking antibiotics or just falling ill.

It’s important to know that when your body becomes imbalanced, the yeast in your body reproduces beyond its normal amount. This is because the level of good bacteria has dropped drastically and this allows room for the yeast to grow. Once an over-abundance of yeast is present, also known as candida, you will experience mental fog.

The solution is to follow the cure for diarrhea. Click here to read more information about it. It requires you to change your diet as well as to intake some herbs. The herb named candida stop in the diarrhea page, is the main ingredient needed to quickly remove that mental fog.

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