Heartburn IBS

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Heartburn IBS – this is often caused by indigestion as a result of IBS.

What is Heartburn?

IBS is an ailment where certain sufferers would experience that their digestion of food is not working at an optimal level. Many IBS sufferers would take digestion pills to help with breaking down the food in the stomach. This results in the body being able to recover meanwhile the pills help to digest the food, acting as a replacement, placing less of a burden on your digestive organs.

Solving the Root Cause

Instead of taking heartburn medication, it would be far more useful to look into the problem a little further. This means that you may have to proceed with a number of tests to see how well your digestive system is working.

Often IBS sufferers with heartburn, would be placed on a program where they take digestive enzyme pills for a long period of time to slowly help the body to recover and to strengthen. If the digestive system is having difficulty breaking down the foods on its own, the pills will prove useful.

For those who are severely under-resourced in terms of digestive fluids, they will often require a large supplementation in the area of betaine hydrochloride (HCL) which is also known as hydrochloric acid or stomach acid. If you have to consume large quantities of betaine HCL during your meals, before you start to feel a mild burn, then you know how much you are lacking.

Often those lacking stomach acid, will need to consistently consume as large of a dose of betaine HCL as they can, before it presents them with a stomach burning sensation, then minus one to two pills from that dosage. This is the quantity that is necessary to be taken consistently to help supplement the lack of stomach acid until the body is capable of rebuilding its reserves naturally. As your body is building up the reserves, you will notice that you will need less and less supplementation of betaine HCL in order to present the same effects in digestion to aid with heartburn IBS.

Many types of digestive enzyme supplements contain betaine HCL, meanwhile some do not. It is best to take digestive enzymes that do contain this component, to help supplement your digestive fluids.

Heartburn IBS

Quality goes a Long Way

It is important not to purchase herbal remedies from the big box stores as the effectiveness of those products are minimal. The quality in the products is what makes the difference in how you feel. I would recommend the following product for Digestive Enyzmes.

As always, ensure you follow the recommendation of a qualified practitioner before proceeding with a program.

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