Herbal Remedies for IBS

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Herbal Remedies for IBS – provides a long-term solution that has minimal side effects (if any) to remediate your IBS symptoms

* Take corrective action, using herbal remedies, to seek relief from your IBS symptoms. This method is the most effective and least harmful way to reverse your IBS condition. *

Modern techniques of using strong medicated pills to suppress your symptoms have two major disadvantages:

  • it does not target the source cause of the problem, instead it only acts to suppress the negative symptoms.
  • it causes damage to your system and possibly side-effects due to the concentration of the pill.

Here are the highlights of the various types of herbal remedies for IBS and supplements that will help to ensure your symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome are reversed.

These remedies focus on the source of the problem and not the symptoms portrayed by the body. This is why the remedies presented here are so highly effective if followed persistently to completion. Symptoms are mainly present to provide you with an awareness that your body is encountering problems.

Digestive Enzymes | Probiotics | Candida Stop | Fiber | Licorice Extract | Ginkgo Biloba | Anti-Anxiety | Milk Thistle | Tea Tree Oil

Aloe Vera IBS
Antidepressants IBS
Flax Seed Oil IBS
IBS and Peppermint

Digestive Enzymesherbal remedies for ibs

The enzymes contained in these pills, will effectively help to break-down the food that you have ingested. This ensures that:

  • the food has been broken-down thoroughly enough to allow for the nutrients contained in the food to be fully absorbed by your body
  • bloating and gas production is minimized since the food is properly digested before reaching the small intestines

Always take the pills consistently during or immediately after each meal to ensure that your stomach contains sufficient enzymes to digest the food ingested. Normally an IBS sufferers’ digestive system is very weak, so this helps to provide a much-needed assistance to enable it to restrengthen by persistently lightening its load at each meal.

Dosage: normally 1-3 pills at each meal, dependant on meal size. However please follow the recommended dosage on the bottle
Duration: minimum of 3 months. If bloating/gas persists, continue until the symptom is eliminated.

Benefits these symptoms:
Abdominal Pain
Bladder Uncontrollable
Head Fog
Hot and Cold Sweats
Skin Damage
Stomach Bloating and Gas
Weight Gain/Loss

Since cooking destroys many of the digestive enzymes in food, taking plant fiber-based Digestive Enzymes aids in digesting even the heaviest meal.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzyme Complex is a balanced enzyme formulation that provides comprehensive digestive support for all of the major nutrient groups:

  • proteins
  • carbohydrates (including lactose)
  • fats

Bromelain from pineapple stem, and papain from papaya, provide natural proteolytic (protein-digesting) action, along with additional proteases, lipases, and carbohydrases derived from mycological extracts. Digestive Enzyme Complex contains no animal ingredients.

Probioticsherbal remedies for ibs

The beneficial live bacteria (Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium) present in these pills will help to replenish a healthy bacterial balance within your system. These supplements are normally taken after a course of treatment with antibiotics. However it can also be taken even if antibiotics were not recently taken but you are suffering from specific negative symptoms. Alternatively, it can simply be taken to boost your immune system.

Taking probiotics would ensure that the yeast in your system does not over-grow beyond normal amounts. If sufficient beneficial bacteria exists, the yeast are kept in check.

Dosage: normally 2 pills, taken twice per day; 2 pills in the morning and another 2 pills at night before heading to bed. (or as directed on bottle)
Duration: minimum of 2-3 weeks, however 4 weeks is recommended.

Benefits these symptoms:
Bladder Uncontrollable
Head Fog
Hot and Cold Sweats
Skin Damage
Weight Gain/Loss

  • Replenish and maintain healthy intestinal flora
  • Probiotics are “friendly bacteria”
  • Essential for healthy immune response (70% of the immune system is in the intestinal tract!)
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves nutrient absorption and synthesis of certain vitamins
  • Helps maintain healthy balance of intestinal flora and inhibit Candida overgrowth

Candida Stop – Pau D’arcoherbal remedies for ibs

The herbs contained in this bottle are targeted to attack the yeast overgrowth in your body. When the amount of yeast dominates over the level of beneficial bacteria, many negative symptoms will be present. These would include diarrhea, allergies, etc. Yeast overgrowth is in-fact the number one culprit that is responsible for the most unbearable IBS symptoms to be present.

Using this type of herbal remedy to attack the yeast count, is the least intrusive method towards your body, to ensure your bacteria levels are balanced within your system. The yeast overgrowth normally begins in the gut, however it can begin in other regions of the body as well. However the gut is where most IBS sufferers experience their symptoms.

I highly recommend everyone to avoid taking any type of antibiotics unless it is absolutely required. Antibiotics severely disrupts the bacterial environment that exists in your body by elminating the bad and the good bacteria.

Dosage: normally 20-40, taken 3 times per day; each dose taken at least 5 hours apart. (or as directed on bottle)
Duration: minimum of 2 weeks, however 3 weeks if original symptoms are very severe.

Benefits these symptoms:
Bladder Uncontrollable
Head Fog
Hot and Cold Sweats
Skin Damage
Weight Gain/Loss

Note: Ensure that you initiate a course of probiotics after completing your treatment with Candida Stop or Pau D’Arco to help replenish the beneficial bacteria and to create a healthy bacterial balance within your system.


Pau D’Arco can be classified as a “depurative”.

By “depurative”, we mean something that helps to remove impurities, or toxins, from the body.

Also known as Taheebo Tea, this herb has its medicinal roots in the forests of Brazil and Argentina. Used by the Inca of South America thousands of years ago, Pau D’Arco was applied externally to treat skin irritations.

Pau D’Arco contains a chemical called lapachol, which can give the herb its strong ability to help boost immunity. Combined with a healthy diet low in sugar and refined foods, it can help keep healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.

Fiberherbal remedies for ibs

Any person can benefit from fiber supplements however IBS sufferers with predominant constipation usually finds the most advantages with this supplement. Fiber helps to produce regularity for those with constipation.

Ensure that you choose the type of fiber powder that contains both soluble and insoluble portions all mixed together. Soluble fiber helps to create a film around the stool to allow for ease of bowel movements. Insoluble fiber helps to create the bulk size of the stool and to aid in cleaning the walls of the intestines.

When taking fiber supplements, ensure that you drink plenty of water in order to help hydrate the fiber contents ingested.

Dosage: normally 2 scoops in 1 cup of water, taken 3 times per day; each dose taken at least 5 hours apart. (The optimal daily diet of fiber is between 21-38 grams)
Duration: minimum of 2-3 weeks. If constipation is one of the symptoms that you are targeting to elminate, continue with the fiber supplement until you experience continuous relief for at least 1-2 weeks.

Benefits these symptoms:


What Psyllium Husks are effective in treating

For thousands of years, people have eaten Psyllium Husks for relief of ailments in their digestive and bowel systems. These husks are pure dietary fibre and contain more fibre than oats, barley, or bran because they are indigestible and highly absorbent.

What’s in Psyllium Husks?

  • Fibre or roughage sweep waste and unhealthy bacteria out of the system. Soluble fibers also bind with bile acids and help to digest and expel fats, thereby lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Glycosides carry important natural plant sugars bound in carbohydrates that the body can break down and use for energy.
  • Proteins is an important component of every cell in the body. Used to build and repair tissues and make enzymes, hormones, and blood.
  • Polysaccharides are important in the prevention of disease, these are useful in the fight against cardiovascular problems and type 2 diabetes. They also work to lower bad cholesterol levels
  • Vitamin B1 Also known as Thiamine helps to fuel your body by converting blood sugar into energy
  • Choline helps in the metabolism of fat and protein and is important in the GI system for the way it works to protect the liver.

Licorice Extractherbal remedies for ibs

The substance contained in this extract will help to eliminate Helicobacter Pylori. This is the least intrusive solution which presents minimal side effects.

Normal treatments prescribed by modern-day doctors would consists of 2-3 types of antibiotics, taken simultaneously to attack H. Pylori. Antibiotics may cause severe side-effects and is highly concentrated.

This product of extracted licorice is strongly recommended since it targets the same bacterial strain (H. Pylori), however it is far less intrusive to your body and most importantly, it does not disrupt your system’s bacterial balance.

Dosage: normally 5 drops in a 1/4 cup of water, taken 3 times per day; each dose taken at least 5 hours apart. (or as directed on bottle)
Duration: minimum of 2 weeks. However 3 weeks is recommended.

Benefits these symptoms:

Licorice Extract

Licorice Extract has been used in both Eastern and Western medicine to treat a variety of illnesses ranging from the common cold to liver disease. Licorice herb has long been valued as a demulcent (soothing, coating agent) and expectorant (rids phlegm and mucous from the respiratory tract) and continues to be used by health care professionals today to relieve respiratory ailments (such as allergies, bronchitis, colds, sore throats, and tuberculosis), stomach problems (including heartburn from reflux), inflammatory disorders, skin diseases, stress relief, and liver problems.

Glycyrrhizin, one of the main components found in licorice, is believed to contribute to the herb’s healing properties. Laboratory studies have reported that glycyrrhizin reduces inflammation, promotes secretion of mucous (usually through coughing), soothes irritation, protects the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, and stimulates the activity of the adrenal glands (regulates cortisol, the stress hormone). The roots also contain coumarins, flavonoids, volatile oils, and plant sterols.

Active Ingredients: Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Other Ingredients: Grain Alcohol, Deionized Water.

Gingko Bilobaherbal remedies for ibs

This extract contains an anti-vertigo agent and also helps to improve your overall blood flow. When you are experiencing dizziness, the intake of these tablets helps to counteract this problem. Further usage, will aid to prevent future occurrences of dizziness. Other benefits include a significant increase in attention and prevention of oxidative cell damage from free radicals.

Dosage: normally 1 tablet (60 mg), taken twice per day (total 120mg);
1 tablet in the morning and one more at night. (or as directed on bottle)

Duration: minimum of 3 weeks. However 4 weeks is recommended.

Benefits these symptoms:

The Ginkgo tree is one of the oldest living species of trees on the planet, dating back over 300 million years, and is even referred to as a “living fossil.” It is most renowned for its ability to help with circulation, memory, and cognitive function.

Ginkgo leaf has been shown to improve circulation to the brain which, in turn, elevates oxygen levels. This boosts the brain’s metabolism of glucose, its primary source of fuel, thereby enhancing mental focus and improving concentration.

Ginkgo Biloba

Diminished cerebral circulation can result in vertigo, ringing in the ear, Alzheimer symptoms, forgetfulness, and even depression. Depression in the elderly may not be as much a neurotransmitter issue as it is a symptom of cerebral vascular insufficiency. Ginkgo may be a beneficial consideration for all of these situations.

Ginkgo improves circulation in other parts of the body as well, making it useful for those who suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome, from circulation problems due to diabetes, or for anyone with compromised circulation. Ginkgo helps improve overall energy and vitality through enhanced delivery of nutrients from improved circulation.

Anti-Anxiety Herbal Formulaherbal remedies for ibs

This formula contains important ingredients to help reduce stress and your anxiety level. It contains natural compositions to help ease your nervous system; known to relax the brain, heart and mind.

Dosage: normally 1-2 capsules, taken three times per day;
each dose taken approximately 5 hours apart. (or as directed on bottle)

Duration: minimum of 1-2 weeks. However 2 weeks is recommended.

Benefits these symptoms:


To help upon the onset of an anxiety or during times of high stress. Use this anti anxiety herbal formula daily to reduce the occurrence of anxiety attacks.

Anxiety & Stress Essentials™ is a deeply restorative formula that includes several classic adaptogens. These are herbs which support the the body’s major stress axis, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. It also contains herbs traditionally used for strengthening the nervous system. Together, they work synergistically to strengthen production of, and communication between, our many hormones and neurotransmitters. This improves our ability to better withstand stress (physical, mental, emotional, environmental) and helps to re-establish a sense of calm and balance.

Milk Thistleherbal remedies for ibs

This is a flowering plant from the daisy family. It has medicinal uses by protecting the liver from damage and helps to improve the liver’s overall function. This plant also treats other liver problems such as liver disease as well as gallbladder disorders. For best results, this herb should be taken for a minimum of 30 days. Many studies have showed significant improvement of the liver function after 30 days of use with this herb.

Dosage: normally 1 capsule, taken three times per day;
each dose taken approximately 5 hours apart. (or as directed on bottle)

Duration: minimum of 1 month. However 2 months is recommended.

Benefits these symptoms:
Body Spots

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is recognized as the pre-eminent remedy for protection of the liver against a wide number of toxins. It has been used for thousands of years for supporting and detoxifying the liver, with a large group of compounds known as flavolignans, and collectively referred to as silymarin, conferring this protection.

Silymarin protects the liver cells (hepatocytes) from damage caused by alcohol, organic solvents, viral infections, inflammation, byproducts of metabolism including foods, drugs, chemotherapeutic agents and other chemicals, and environmental pollutants. Because Milk Thistle increases bile production, it is also very useful in supporting proper fat digestion and metabolism.

Tea Tree Oilherbal remedies for ibs

This oil is produced by steaming tea tree leaves and then squeezing the oil out. It is an excellent all-natural herbal remedy used to treat bacterial and fungal skin ailments. It is highly effective in healing yeast infections such as oral candidiasis (a fungal infection of the mouth and/or throat) and yeast colonies (tinea versicolor) visible on the skin. Surprisingly, it can also be used to treat many other problems such as rashes, wounds, inflammation, scalds, insect bites, warts, blisters, dandruff, athlete’s foot and sun burns.

Dosage: only need to apply sparingly, applied two times per day;
each application spread over 8-10 hours apart. (or as directed on bottle)

Duration: depends on ailment or condition being treated. For tinea versicolor, it would require a minimum of 1 month. However 2-3 months is recommended.

Benefits these symptoms:
Body Spots

Tea Tree Oil

From the Malaleuca Tree, native to Australia, comes the versatile Tea Tree Oil. Already well-known as an effective, all-purpose healing oil, this natural remedy is a staple in most people’s at-home pharmacies. But do you know just how many uses this powerful oil has?

Related to the Myrtle family, the Malaleuca Tree grows native in Australia, as well as other parts of South East Asia. In North America, it can be found in Hawaii and the Florida everglades. It grows to almost 20 feet high in forested areas, near rivers or lakes and swamps, with needle-like leaves and heads of yellow or purplish flowers.

While there are over hundreds of varieties, it’s the melaleuca alternifolia variety that has everyone excited!