IBS Accutane

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IBS Accutane – A product that rids of acne believed to cause the IBS syndrome.

What symptoms are relieved by this product?  

The product is used to provide relief to patients who have chronic acne problems. However it is believed to be linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). IBD and IBS are two different types of conditions. IBD is far more severe in nature, however both can be a significant hinder to a person’s health and lifestyle.

How effective is the product towards the symptoms?  

It is believed to provide life changing acne results however known to cause IBD. The question is whether physical appearance and facial pain relief more important or the possibility of developing a life debilitating disease known as IBD.

What is the recommended duration of use for this product?  

This product is to be used for the duration period recommended by your qualified physician. Everyone’s acne problems are different in severity.

Are there any side-effects during and after product usage?  

The common side effects are crusting of the skin, dryness of the eye, dryness of the mouth and nose, headache, stomach upset, peeling of skin and unusual tiredness.

Are the results permanent after the product usage has stopped?  

No. Once the acne has cleared there are chances that it can return if your skin is not maintained with a good skin care routine.  

Product Review

IBS Accutane is a highly effective product for acne however it is known to be a cause of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Many IBS sufferers confuse the two different conditions. IBS is not IBD and if I had the choice, I would rather be inflicted with IBS. IBD is known to lead to other chronic health problems which can severely debilitate one’s life.

I would recommend that if you have acne problems, to choose a different product to find relief from acne. It would not be worth your health for the rest of your life to be possibly inflicted with IBD. At this point in time, there has not been solid evidence to prove that Accutane causes IBD but many users of Accutane have developed IBD.

Be sure you know the potential consequences of using this product before making your decision.

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