IBS Acid Reflux

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Are you experiencing IBS acid reflux? Taste acid in your mouth? See how IBS contributes to this symptom and learn how to eliminate it!

Acid reflux is a symptom where the stomach acid runs up the esophagus and possibly into the mouth.

*I have also experienced the feeling of having IBS acid reflux disorder. Let me explain why this happens and how to eliminate it.*

When you have acid running up your esophagus and possibly into the mouth, it isn’t a great taste. This is a disorder that can be reversed.

There are number of reasons that can cause this:

Taking Prescription Pills


If you have recently intaked medication (particularly antibiotics), the substance in the pills would irritate the stomach & gut lining. This would cause both the stomach and intestines to react.

When this happens the rhythm of the gut changes and may end up pushing acid in the wrong direction, eventually flowing up the esophagus. The strength of the pills would cause the stomach to shrivel up which also adds to the problem. With a smaller storage space in the stomach, acid is more likely to overflow towards the esophagus when food is ingested.

Encountering an Illness

A recent illness can also cause acid to run up the esophagus. This happens because, when you are ill, you intake less food. The food is more likely to be in liquid form with little or no solid foods.

Over a short period of time, the stomach shrivels up and is smaller in size. This is because the stomach is like an elastic, without constant expansion, it starts to contract. When the stomach shrinks, it can overflow with acidic juices allowing it to run up the esophagus.


So how can you eliminate this problem?

After Taking Prescription Pills (ie. Antibiotics)

It takes a long time for your stomach and gut lining to heal after a set of medication has been taken; especially antibiotics. Allow your body to recover for 2-3 months afterwards.

Ensure that you are ingesting food at regular intervals and a sufficient amount to fill your stomach. It requires some time for your stomach to expand and restretch back to its regular size. This helps to ensure it is capable to hold a reasonable amount of food without overspilling any of the stomach acid produced.

If it has been 4 months already after completing your set of medication and you still suffer from acid reflux, it’s time to find a solution. Chances are, your stomach is producing well above the amounts of acid than is necessary to digest the food ingested.

The solution now involves taking antacids as prescibed by a medical doctor until your stomach relearns to produce the correct amount of acid necessary.

Getting over an Illness

Once your illness is over, ensure that you begin ingesting sufficient amount of food to restretch your stomach back to its normal size. This does not mean that you ingest more than you are capable of handling, but enough to feel full. Eventually, with time, the stomach will return to its regular size.

Only when this condition is satisfied, would your stomach be capable of holding the acidic juices without it overflowing.

IBS acid reflux is fully reversible. Always remember that patience and persistence is key when following the guidelines provided here.

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