IBS Allergies

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Are you starting to experience new allergies that you never had before? IBS allergies may be the cause, find out if it is and put a stop to it now!

Allergies may flare up at random times during the day or it can be manually triggered. This basically means that your system is weak and/or the bacteria in your body isn’t well-balanced.

*I use to have IBS allergies as well but that is now a topic of my past. The worst for me however, were the food triggers. Im proud to mention though, that the same foods no longer have a negative impact on me after following the guidelines that I provide here!*

Odd sensitivities may begin to surface when you have IBS. Your body may be more sensitive to the outer environment or you may have certain reactions when ingesting certain types of food.

Many kinds of allergies can be present as a result of having IBS. The trick isn’t to run out and buy medications off the shelves to counteract them. The key is to know what allergies you have and to understand why those symptoms are surfacing now. Only after that, would you learn how to eliminate those problems.

A number of allergies may be present:

Body sensitivities to the changing environment
(ie. frequent occurrences of runny/stuffy nose)

Environmental Allergies

When your body reacts to environmental changes, such as a season change from winter to summer, it means that your system is not running up-to-par and the bacteria in your body isnt well-balanced. Most experts would note that allergies is a over-reaction of the body to the allergens that are present around you. This is true, however it doesnt mean that you should take medication to counter-act it on an on-going basis. There are cures to this, and by that I mean permanent solutions.  

Food allergies (mild to severe reaction)

If you ingest certain types of food, it can trigger your body to over-react immediately. This is because your abdominal region is weak, sensitive, and tender. On top of it all, it is because the bacteria in your body, isn’t well-balanced.

This causes the yeast to overgrow in your gut and it leads to candida. Candida simply means that there exists an overgrowth of yeast in your system.

Food Allergies

This over-powering amount of yeast can lead to a leaky-gut. Leaky-gut means that bacteria, toxins, and food, can leak through the walls of your gut. The over abundance of yeast causes the the intestinal lining to become permeable.

When larger food antigens leak through the gut, the body’s defense mechanism creates antibodies to attack it; eventhough its harmless.  

The key to eliminating IBS allergies:

It is possible to remove the allergies noted below as well as additional ones not mentioned here. This is done by re-balancing the bacteria in your system and nursing it back to health.  

Body sensitivities to the changing environment
(ie. frequent occurrences of runny/stuffy nose)

Food allergies (mild to severe reaction)

The requirement from you, is to to follow the same guidelines as that needed to cure diarrhea. Read up on the solution here. It will require a diet change as well as some intake of herbs to heal your IBS allergies.

When you begin to rebalance the bacteria in your body, many of your sensitivities will begin to subside. You will begin to notice that your system is starting to strengthen up. The golden rule of thumb here, is to have patience and to be persistent on following the guidelines.  

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