IBS and Acne

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IBS and Acne – there are several situations possible with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and acne.

Understanding the Problem

Some IBS sufferers became inflicted with IBS as a result of taking antibiotics for their acne problems. They may no longer be experiencing problems with acne as it may have cleared up after taking the antibiotics but instead, they now have IBS which can be ten-fold more debilitating.

This is because the antibiotics are a broad spectrum medication that destroys the targeted bacteria as well as all other beneficial bacterias present in your gut. This can lead to an imbalanced bacterial environment in your intestines resulting in yeast overgrowth and a condition called the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

The Vicious Circle

For many others however, acne is now a major problem in their lives due to the amount of stress that IBS brings to one’s life. In addition to this, many IBS sufferers crave refined sugars so having a diet high in refined sugars will only escalate the acne problem.

When a person with IBS experiences a combination of the following situations, acne will likely flare-up and become a major problem: lack of sleep, an abundance of stress and a unhealthy daily diet.

IBS and Acne

Tips Provided

To help reverse IBS and/or acne, it is important to start with a healthy daily diet. Eating foods favorable to Acne and IBS can make all the difference in your symptoms.

In addition to this, it is important to seek alternative treatment in combination with herbal remedies. This is the ultimate solution for the quickest road to recovery. It will no doubt limit the list and severity of your symptoms and in some cases clear them up completely.

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