IBS and Colon Cancer Different

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IBS and Colon Cancer Different – what are the links between IBS and colon cancer?

What’s Affected by IBS?

When a person is faced with IBS, many debilitating symptoms start to surface and the bowel movements are almost always affected thus the name resulted as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

What’s linked to IBS?

This does not mean however that the colon is starting to show signs of cancerous cells. In fact, there are no medical links between IBS and any type of cancer including colon cancer. Looking at statistics however, many people with severe symptoms of IBS often have early signs of other conditions such as diabetes.

Body’s can Speak

IBS is not simply a condition that should be left alone. The symptoms of IBS are more than likely to disrupt your lifestyle and this is one method that your body is attempting to utilize to alert you that your body is having troubles and needs your attention to assist.

Cleaning the Colon

Taking enough dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble will help to clean out the lining of your colon from the build-up of toxins and other wastes. A product that IBS sufferers have used and found helpful can be found here.

IBS and Colon Cancer Different

Diet Changes

In addition to more fiber, it is also important to modify your diet and consistently remain on a healthy diet plan that’s beneficial to your health in the short term and of course, also in the long run. A two week recipe diet plan commonly used amongst IBS sufferers are available here.

Start Now!

Listen to your body and start taking action now before the situation becomes too advanced to reverse. As always, contact a qualified physician before beginning any type of health program.

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